Wednesday, May 30, 2007


When you think desert you think camels and what better way to see the West Bank villages and desert than by the ship of the desert. There are plenty of camels around so you can always get a ride. Here they are relaxing in the fields just by our Al Gezera flats.

Progress on the new flats

Our rural West Bank flats are coming along nicely, building has finished and now the interiors are being completed. The ceramic floor tiles have been laid in two floors. This shot of the outside of the building show the side of the building, there are 2 flats on each floor and it goes balcony, bedroom, lounge, lounge, bedroom, balcony. Along the front and back the bedrooms look out Nile view one side and Theban Hill view the other.

The interior is roomy and spacious this shot of the lounge shows the spectacular views that will be available. The rounded windows give character to the room and the entrance hall is open to the lounge giving more space and a cool feel. Essential in the summer months.

There are three bedrooms and one has an ensuite shower room and toilet. The family bathroom is shared by the other 2 bedrooms. They will all be fitted with air conditioning, you can see the hole in readiness, and fans.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cruise the Nile on a Traditional Sailing Boat

Want to cruise the Nile on a Traditional Sailing Boat. From backpackers to luxury romantic cruises, from sailing to photography via bird watching you have it all. Peace, quiet and total absence of stress. Time to pursue your favourite side of Egypt be it sites like Gebel Silsila that can only be visited by sailing boats or capturing that rare bird on camera at last. Sailing the Nile just got affordable.