Friday, December 28, 2007

Nicholas Sarkozy views our Goubli flats, Luxor, Egypt

Yes he did, really. Well he jogged past them and must have seen them and if you had been on this balcony you would have seen him.

Tony Blair is in Luxor now, perhaps he will visit as well. :)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas Dinner Menu 2007

Every year I have been here I have invited the guests that were staying to Christmas Dinner. Although not everyone came numbers were on the rise, last year it was 12 and what with that and it being our busiest time of year it was gettign a bit much. So this year I have gone for something different.

There is a new Italian restaurant opened in Luxor called Benz and the chef Ben Wilson makes wonderful food. I challenged him to do us Christmas Dinner and so this what is on offer to my guests this year, pretty cool

Flats in Luxor
Christmas Dinner

Tomato Consommé
clear tomato & basil soup with vodka
Melon Midari fans
fans of melon soaked in melon liquor
Prawn Cocktail
The classic prawn cocktail prawns on a bed of lettuce with a home made Marie Rose sauce

Traditional Roast Turkey
Accompanied by
Buttered Savoy Cabbage
Garlic and Rosemary Roast potatoes
Duchess Potatoes
Roast Herb Parsnips
Honey Glazed carrots
Sautéed Brussel Sprouts with Toasted Almonds
Sage & onion stuffing balls, Home made gravy and Cranberry sauce


White Chocolate Pannacotta with a Champagne Granita
Christmas Pudding & Mince pies with Brandy Butter
Lemon Posset

A selection of Cheese & Biscuits

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Goubli Flats open for guests

We have just had our first guest in our new flats at Goubli and they loved it. As you can see from the photos the flat is to the normal high standards of the Flats in Luxor Group. Well appointed and tastefully decorated these are the best we have built yet, a mixture of owner occupier and tourist rentals. Two units have already been sold and the owners will be living there part time until retirement then full time. In the meantime we act as their agents for tourist rentals. So if you are looking to buy or just want a unique holiday apartment look no further.

Communal areas which are still ongoing include courtesy car, heated swimming and Jacuzzi, bar, restaurant, roof terrace, laundry facilities, pool table, satellite TV, Internet, designer garden and lift.

There are three bedrooms which all open out onto a large balcony. As there are two flats on each floor one balcony has views of the Theban Hills (my favourite)and of the River Nile the other way. These have air conditioning and fans and all linen including swimming pool towels is provided. There is a large family bathroom.
The master bedroom is furnished with a double bed, the other rooms have twin beds.
It has an ensuite shower room shown in this picture with granite sink surrounds.
The lounge has satellite TV, comfortable seating and dinning table for 6 people. As well it's own balcony with a view to the north and Hatshepsut's temple.
The kitchen is full equipped even down to the granite work surface. However we find most guests prefer to use it merely for keep beer cold and provisions for breakfast. Eating out in Egypt is so cheap. However everything is there should you want to cook.

What impressed our guests the most was the 360 degree view, here are views ,north west
north east
south east
and south west. The Nile, Luxor temple, Hatshepsut’s temple all visible from roof and higher flats. Ground floor overlooks the pool and garden.

If you want to book any of these flats please go to our main website and check out the availability or book direct here. Until the communal areas are totally finished we are holding the price at the same as our Al Gezira flats. £165 GBP per week or $330 USD.

If you have already made a booking at the Al Gezira flats and want to swap please email me quoting your booking reference.

Four flats face the Nile and these are from the ground up Maat, Mut, Hathor and Bast. There are only 3 facing the hills and I have one of them, so from the top down they are Sekhmet and Selket. The ground floor facing the hills is a pleasant reception/lounge/communal area, nice for evening entertainment

Monday, November 19, 2007

My best recommendation yet

I can't resist posting this picture. I just had this little girl stay at my flats and took her on one of my kids tours. I think she might have liked staying here lol

Monday, November 05, 2007

Rough Guide Gives Ringing Endorsement for Flats in Luxor

I had been told by Rough Guide that we would appear in the next edition and finally had sight of a copy of our entry today.

Reputable local agencies are Flats in Luxor which owns several fully equipped flats near the Pyramisa Isis and deluxe flats with pool and Jacuzzi on the West Bank

Hurrah for us

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

We still have Christmas 2007 Vacancies

With only a relatively short time until Christmas now is the chance to get in quick with a booking for flats to rent in Luxor Egypt. Our Al Gezira flats are full booked with the exception of my flat which I shall be vacating soon to move to the new flats at Goubli. These new flats also have vacancies but that is all. So if you want to celebrate Christmas or the New Year at Flats in Luxor book now.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Flats in Luxor, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Well after 4 years of trading I guess it was inevitable that people would start copying us and using our name. Flats in Luxor was set up in 2003 by Jane Akshar and Mahmoud Jahlan. Starting originally with 4 flats built in the village of Al Gezira, West Bank Luxor it now has blocks all over Luxor but they all reside on the same website.

Other people have started using the phrase Flats in Luxor on their websites but unless it is our website it is not us. The original Flats in Luxor as recommended by the Lonely Planet and Rough Guide only has one address on the world wide web so don't be misled. Other domain registrations and both belong to us and redirect to the So unless it is one of those it is not the original and best Flats in Luxor.

This blog is the official blog of Flats in Luxor and Jane Akshar runs another blog that deals with events, happenings, history and places in Luxor. These are the only blogs associated with Flats in Luxor.

We wish other flat owners in Luxor the best but wish they would not steal our image but create their own.

A flat is a British word and Americans would be more familiar with the word apartment.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

My profile on LinkedIn

I have recently had a contact from LinkedIn which I didn't expect but actually thinking about it, it is a good way of giving people my background and some references, as any.

This person wanted to buy a flat in Luxor and when you are making an important decision like that then you definitely want to know who you are dealing with. But even renting a flat when you are paying in advance or handing over credit card details it is useful. LinkedIn is the professional networking website.

The public profile of Jane Akshar is here

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Desert Safaris

Our great friend and regular driver Rageeb has just acquired a flashy new jeep for desert tours, with air conditioning. He has been doing desert tours for us for some time but having only a minibus has had to keep to the regular roads. Now with this, the latest model in land cruisers, he can go any where. So if you want a trip in the Western Deserts please contact us and we can arrange Rageeb for you.

Oasis, Great Sand Sea, Uwaynat Desert, Gilf el Keber, Kharga, Dakhla, Farafra, Bahariya, Siwa, Areg, Qara, Baris, Dush, Darb al Arbain Desert, Forty Days Road, Wadiryyan (Fayoum) are all places you can visit by desert safari. You can experience everything from a one day tour to 2 weeks or more depending on your desires. Below is an example of a 1 day and 5 day tour. Trips can be arranged from Alexandria to Abu Simbel through the desert.

One Day Luxor – Baris - Dush – Kharga - Luxor

The tour starts in the early morning from the new road and takes the ancient caravan tracks. This is a short cut between Luxor and Kharga where you are free to wander in desert, see a real oasis, met local people and see places of beauty. The route takes you via the Black Valley, Crystal Quarry, Deers Valley, Alabaster Valley, sand dunes and the Temple of Isis at Duch.

Visit one of the oldest Christian necropolises in the world at Bagawat home of the oldest Basilisk church, the Exodus Chapel and Peace Chapel. Then onto the Temple of Hibis built by the Persian king Darius in the 26th Dynasty. The best preserved temple in the Western Desert built for the God Amun Ra.

You will see many different types of sand and rock formations with plenty of wild life birds and reptiles together with a hit spring swim.

Five Day Tour Kharga, Dakhla, Qasir, Sand Sea, Farafra, White Desert, Bahariya, Black Desert, Valley of the Golden Mummies

Day 1 Depart Luxor for Kharga, Visit Bagawat the oldest Christian necropolis and Ptolemaic temple of Hibis. Camp beyond the Roman fortress under the desert sky

Day 2 Drive to Dakhla where you will experience traditional Bedouin hospitality and have a hot spring swim.

Day 3 Experience the beauty of Qasir, the oldest inhabited Islamic town, just outside Dakhla. Visit the old city of Mut and Balalt, one of the earliest Pharaonic sites. Our drive takes us deep into the Western Desert and close to the great Sand Sea. Visit Farafra Oasis for lunch and head into the magical White Desert to look for fossils and black pyrites. . The White Desert is the largest I the world, there are beautiful formations such as mushrooms and ice cream cones!!! The to the chalk and limestone formations in the desert for dinner and an overnight camp sleeping under the stars.

Day 4 – On to Bahariya oasis via the Crystal Mountain where you can hunt for quartz. Take a hot spring swim close to the black desert and its pyramid shaped mountain of Visit the Valley of the golden mummies

Day 5 Leave for Cairo, se the pyramids, sphinx and Egyptian museum

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


When you think desert you think camels and what better way to see the West Bank villages and desert than by the ship of the desert. There are plenty of camels around so you can always get a ride. Here they are relaxing in the fields just by our Al Gezera flats.

Progress on the new flats

Our rural West Bank flats are coming along nicely, building has finished and now the interiors are being completed. The ceramic floor tiles have been laid in two floors. This shot of the outside of the building show the side of the building, there are 2 flats on each floor and it goes balcony, bedroom, lounge, lounge, bedroom, balcony. Along the front and back the bedrooms look out Nile view one side and Theban Hill view the other.

The interior is roomy and spacious this shot of the lounge shows the spectacular views that will be available. The rounded windows give character to the room and the entrance hall is open to the lounge giving more space and a cool feel. Essential in the summer months.

There are three bedrooms and one has an ensuite shower room and toilet. The family bathroom is shared by the other 2 bedrooms. They will all be fitted with air conditioning, you can see the hole in readiness, and fans.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cruise the Nile on a Traditional Sailing Boat

Want to cruise the Nile on a Traditional Sailing Boat. From backpackers to luxury romantic cruises, from sailing to photography via bird watching you have it all. Peace, quiet and total absence of stress. Time to pursue your favourite side of Egypt be it sites like Gebel Silsila that can only be visited by sailing boats or capturing that rare bird on camera at last. Sailing the Nile just got affordable.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Self catering in Luxor, Egypt

Although our flats are self catering we find that a lot of guests do little cooking. With restaurants being so cheap and so many within walking distance, many guests eat out. But what can you cook if you do decide to take advantage and cook in your self catering apartment.

Breakfast can consist of cereals with milk but be warned Egyptians have a very sweet tooth so local cereals are highly sweetened and may not be to your taste. If you are used to a high fibre breakfast then bringing a packet of your favourite might be a good idea. Other breakfast options are local fruit (all organic and seasonal), yogurt, eggs, bread, cheese, freshly juices and of course instant coffee and tea. Real coffee is often Turkish style so again if you like filter coffee you may wish to bring this.

Lunch can consist of light snacks and sandwiches. Tuna, cheese, luncheon meat(beef), sardines, corned beef are all available as sandwich fillings. Bread is fresh and baked locally. You can make many pasta dishes with fresh vegetables and frozen mince. Vegetables are truly tasty and again seasonal.

Want to cook meat for dinner then you can buy beef and chicken easily. The more squeamish might prefer to get frozen chicken as the fresh is really fresh. No that is not a pet shop, you choose your chicken and the girl kills, plucks and guts it for you. Meat is hacked off rather than jointed so great for stews but don't expect to get hold of joints. although I did have a guest who cooked a full roast beef dinner with Yorkshire puddings!!

Can't be bothered well most of the restaurants will do a take away and you can get a roast chicken for under £3 GBP with rice, salad and vegetables.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Donkey Rides in Luxor

If you like the idea of a donkey ride in Luxor then you are going to love our special tour. The Donkey Ride Over the Ridge. It is described in full detail with loads of photos here A great way of orientating yourself on the West Bank for later independent touring or just for interest. You get to see most of the West Bank from a distance and the views are wonderful. I often call it the poor man's hot air balloon. It takes about 2 1/2 hours and we can arrange it from our flats but also from where ever you might be staying. Very popular with children and families although those under 4 -5 might prefer to share a donkey with an adult. The oldest person we have had take the tour was 83 so no worries there. Our donkey man has been leading this tour for many year and will happily help those less agile.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Quiet Tour

We have been offering the 'Quiet Tour' for some years now and it is consistently popular. The aim is to show you 3 sites where you are the only tourist. Of course this can not be guaranteed but even if there is someone else there there certainly won't be crowds. We generally take you to a royal tomb, nobles tombs and a temple.

There are actually quite a few choices of what site to visit and we generally make the selection after meeting you, finding out what interests you and where you have been before. My favourite combination is the Tomb of Ay in the western Valley of the Valley of Kings. the Nobles tombs of Roy and Shu Roy and the memorial temple the Ramses II, the Ramasseum.

This tour is also very good for kids as they find crowds overwhelm them and they can enjoy what is front of them with no grown ups to block the view.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sir Derek Plumbly - British Ambassador

Luxor has always had the services of Mr Ehab Gaddis, the Honorary Consul but yesterday saw the first Consular Roadshow. This meant that many of the services only available in Cairo were here in Luxor for one day. One of my long term guests took the opportunity to get his passport renewed. You could submit many other consular and visa services.

It is hoped that this would be regular events in Luxor and I certainly support that. The Embassy certainly listened to my feelings, in fact the ambassador has asked me to become a Warden. I suspect many people are not aware there is an Honorary consul here and in fact many nationalities have them. I have seen the Italian one in the grounds of the Sheraton.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Special Offer for May and June

During these months we are offering 2 free places on our Quiet Tour for any new booking. Jane Akshar has developed the 'Quiet Tour' from her extensive knowledge of the less visited sites of Luxor. This intimate tour offers you a chance to see a royal tomb, nobles tombs and a temple and often be the only tourist there. Certainly there will be none of the crowds normally in evidence at the more popular sites with thousands of visitors passing through places like the Valley of Kings.

Please quote QT1 when making your booking

Flats in Luxor - the only West Bank flats with a swimming pool

Yes the weather is already starting to heat up and we have people enjoying the luxury of our swimming pool. Certainly access to a pool makes a lot of difference to enjoying Egypt's fabulous sunshine, especially with kids.
Next to the pool we have a shady garden to relax in or there is our roof terrace for the serious sunbather complete with pool table.
We pride ourselves on our communal facilities making Flats in Luxor so much more than just a self catering apartment.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rough Guide to Egypt

I heard today that Flats in Luxor will be included in the new Rough Guide to Egypt. This makes us the only flats to be recommended by both the Lonely Planet and the Rough Guide. And after only 3 years of operating.

Remember Flats in Luxor have 3 blocks of flats, one on the East Bank near the Isis hotel and ideal for those that enjoy culture and nightlife in Luxor. One in rural West Bank about 2 miles from the ferry that will be opening in summer 2007 and of course the original Al Gezira flats on the edge of the village and 10 minutes walk from the ferry. Both our West Bank blocks of flats have swimming pools and other facilities.

Flats in Luxor is proud of it's international reputation and the high quality of its flats and their communal areas. This is reflected in their inclusion in both Rough Guide and Lonely Planet.

An American Eye View of Egypt

We have have just had a most interesting family arrive at my flats and I thought readers of the blog, especially Americans might be interested to see what they have thought of Egypt so far.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Kids Tours

I know that most guides tend to talk over the heads of children, especially if they are young but kids can enjoy Ancient Egypt to. I first brought my daughter here when she was 8 and by doing our tours on donkey rather than in a boring old taxi she found it a fun holiday.

I try and make my children's tours fun by dressing up and take advantage of the quietness of the temple of Seti I by acting out Pharaoh at the window of appearances. The guards are very good natured about helping me and joining in and the faces of the local children watching us had to be seen to believe.