Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Party time

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all my readers from Luxor. This year we only had 8 guests who wanted to attend the Christmas party. A lot of people coming abroad do so to get away from Christmas. Christmas in Luxor is only for tourists as the Coptic Christians here celebrate on 7th January.

Unlike the Luxor hotels we do not make our parties compulsorily but with only 8 it would have been difficult to give them a good time. So we combined with Nile Valley (which meant the guests got a reduced rate). There was a great belly dancer and Sufi or whirling dervish. The food was amazing and I got the cutest present

New Year we have 21 signed up so we are doing our own party, last year Mahmoud arranged for 10 different acts to come on during the evening, it was a fabulous time. We had it on the roof but this year we have 2 guests with mobility issues and after my op I am not sure I could make it to the roof so we are having it at ground level by the villas.