Thursday, June 25, 2009

ATM on the West Bank

We have one ATM on the West Bank, it has not been there long but it is very popular. This funny photo was taken in the late afternoon with the sun shining directly on the screen. Our driver was trying to use a cushion to shade the screen, it was really difficult to see anything but we did manage in the end.

Friday, June 19, 2009

September Special Offers on Egyptian Holidays

Get the second week for half price when you book a two week holiday with Flats in Luxor during September.

Yes that’s right your second week is half price. A superb family holiday in our luxurious apartments with swimming pool, free internet and in-house restaurant.

Luxor is a wonderful place to learn about history, see the local sites and soak up some sun. Interested contact us quoting 0909offer.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Daily Telegraph recommends Flats in Luxor

We are mentioned in this Daily Telegraph travel article Activity breaks: death on the Nile - Telegraph

Press Releases from Flats in Luxor

These are all the press releases we have issued so far.

Exotic Arabesque House
Multi Lingual Website for Flats in Luxor
1000 bookings
Flats in Luxor goes Green
New Tours from Flats in Luxor
Property sales from Flats in Luxor
Flats in Luxor and Sail the Nile Merge

I have used PRWeb for all these releases and found them excellent. Cost effective and they get results. In fact I actually wrote to them back in July 2008 after receiving a personal telelphone call from the MD with advice and helpful tips.

"Mario Bonilla exemplifies 7* customer service, caring not just about the big corporate but the little guy as well. I am a small operation in a third world country and he made me feel like the President of General Motors. I got an unsolicited telephone call giving me advice about my press release and another personal call when I emailed with an issue with the content of my release. The advice was pertinent to the size of my operation and my abilities. I really felt I had a friend at the end of the phone. When you consider I have only released 4 press releases (so far) you have to be impressed. Has he bought my customer loyalty, you betcha."

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Video of Goubli flats and our new development - the Nubian village

I just recently had a disaster when my camera stopped working for no apparent reason. Of course out here in Luxor getting a repair is nigh on impossible. There are times I wished I lived in Cairo. But my husband has kindly swapped mobiles with me, his was all singing and dancing with video and camera and mine just took calls and messages so I have done rather well out of it. It is taking ages to learn how to use it. Today was my first time trying the video. I took some of our new development the Nubian village and several of the Goubli building and two of the flats.

Just a short clip showing the new village starting life

The first is the outside and reception, with Adham in a starring role. He is one of our staff and was busy cleanign when I arrived.

The next is a detailed shot of the Mut flat and the swimming pool

Lastly a short clip of the next door Neith flat as it is a mirror image but the view is different, the Theban Hills