Friday, July 24, 2009

Luxor holiday apartments, Egypt. World's best responsible & ecotourism holidays

Another year with Responsible Travel.

We have just been renewed on very favourable terms for another year. Apparently our conversion rate is very good and I have been a good girl and done my admin properly :) We look forward to another year with them and thank all our guests who came through them.

Luxor holiday apartments, Egypt. World's best responsible & ecotourism holidays

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Villas in Luxor

We have had our hand forced and gone ahead with the Nubian Eco Village. We were leaving the land with crops but a new mains gas pipeline is being installed.

Once installed then you are not allowed to build over it so we quickly had to make a move. First we walled the land so that any work was secure.

We then got some builders from Edfu to make domed villas. We had hoped to build in mud brick but were informed that as the land was in the cultivation and with the problem of rising water this was not possible. This made perfect sense from what I have seen at the Hassan Fathy village. Where rising water is attacking the mudbrick and even installation of damp proof course and non mud foundations has not halted the rot. Although it was a disappointment as I wanted the entire construction to be of mud brick.

So if we could not use traditional materials we wanted at least the traditional style so the builder who has wide experience suggested all sorts of ideas and concepts. We are determined to use mud brick in the finish.

The decorative style of red and white bricks was a great idea and we approved that. They build the arch separately and then incorporate it into the structure. We are having domes as this keeps the building cool. He also has come up with other ideas.

Furniture is being incorporated, shelves in the bathrooms, bed platforms, cupboards all sorts are actually being built into the fabric of the building. It is really clever as well as being practical and money saving. Wood is expensive in Egypt

As we have plenty of large 3 bedroom units these villas are going to be semi detached one and two bedroom units. As ever Mahmoud is cracking on and being as we are almost fully booked for Christmas we are aiming at finishing them in time for the winter season.

Building work has really progressed and I think the graceful arches and decorative brick work are lovely. We are only doing 4 units at present and the land behind them will be left to grow vegetables. These units like all our units are available for rent or sale. Property in Luxor is really growing and the governor encourages tourism developments. The area is very popular as it is privately owned with land registry, views across the fields to the Nile and to the hills to the temple of Hatshepsut. Away from the antiquities prohibited development area and the governor has no plans for redevelopment in this area.

With our Goubli building next door with its free WiFI, communal areas, swimming pool and restaurant these units have all the conveniences as well

Friday, July 17, 2009

Jane Akshar aka Jane Ashkar

I know it is all my fault, fancy marrying a man with such an difficult name. Actually it could be a lot worse. When my late husband Ayman Akshar died I decided to keep his name as it was also the name of my daughter. Unfortunately lots of people spell it wrong Ashkar. I noticed tonight loads of entries on the net with the wrong spelling

But when I remarried my husband has this amazing name and what makes it worse his father uses two versions so I could have been Mrs Jane Mahmoud Al Azeb Abedallell Omar or Mrs Jane Mahmoud Jahlan Abedallell Omar

Doesn't Akshar suddenly seem easy