Sunday, January 20, 2008

Flats in Luxor Safe from Development

The government has decided to do a lot of development in my village of Al Gezera as part of the big project of making Luxor into an Open Air Museum. Unfortunately exactly what these changes meant is kept under wraps and rumour and gossip fly around. As we sell as well as rent flats we wanted to be confident that all our property was unaffected. I used my main blog to express my concerns and made sure news of this blog entry got to the governor. This resulted in an appointment with the man in charge of the West Bank development to explain what was going on.

General Mohammed Metwally is dapper and urbane and utterly charming and was happy to explain phase 1 of the development and for me to take photos of the proposed plan.

I went along with Michael who owns my Ra flat as obviously he was concerned as well. I explained that it was important for ex pat residents to know if the building they were buying or renting long term what the plans were so they could invest with confidence. The general assured us that none of my apartment blocks was affected by this or any other phase of the development. This was a great reassurance and means I can carry on selling with certainty. It is a great time to invest in the West Bank with these ambitious plans to development the West Bank will mean property prices will rise. There will also be less stock as many buildings in the Ramla area with Nile views are going. So our flats should be in even more demand as they are on private land well away from the edge of the Nile yet with great views.

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