Friday, May 28, 2010

Egypt Properties-Buying Egypt Property for Sale is a Notion to Consider | Egypt Property

Egypt Properties-Buying Egypt Property for Sale is a Notion to Consider | Egypt Property: "Trading with reputed developers is of increased pertinence and judging the track record of the developer, before getting into any legal contracts, is also of considerable relevance."

Couldn't agree more and Flats in Luxor are happy to provide references

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Nubian "Green" Holiday Village in Luxor, Egypt

A Nubian "Green" Holiday Village in Luxor, Egypt: "A Nubian 'Green' Holiday Village in Luxor, Egypt

History, culture and nature. The beauty of Egypt -ancient and modern- is famous internationally. Now, visitors from all over the world can enjoy all these and even more in a new complex of ecologically friendly villas in Luxor.

(PRWEB) May 26, 2010 -- Villas in Luxor from Flats in Luxor, the perfect holiday escape experts.

Its creators aimed at constructing a Nubian village in the 21st century, respecting the local architecture and the natural environment.

Thus, the one bedroom villas are set amidst newly planted fruit trees and a thriving vegetable plot which supplies the complex's restaurant, and they were built by craftsman from Edfu with traditional domes and arches.

The accommodation consists of a large main room or studio with a double bed and dining area followed by a wet room with shower, toilet and wash hand basin and a small kitchen. Outside a shady veranda overlooks the Theban Hills. Stairs lead to the roof, perfect for bird watching and star gazing, just one mile away from the Nile!

Residents of the village have access to a swimming pool, children's pool, library, free Internet and restaurant.

As Jane Akshar, co-owner of the complex says 'Looking for that hassle free holiday, want to help the local economy, need a more adult environment then our villas could be perfect for you. A hotel room with a kitchen set in lush grounds, admist the local Egyptian village. Within view of historical sites like the temple of Hatshepsut. This is what Egypt is all about!'

A member of the Flats in Luxor Group

The new villas belong to the Flats in Luxor group, founded in 2003 by Jane Akshar and Mahmoud Jahlan. Since then, they have accommodated thousands of visitors, many of whom return to enjoy the Egyptian hospitality.

Today, 7 years after their creation Flats in Luxor Group, which is registered in Egypt, have 4 apartment blocks with 21 flats, the Nubian Eco Village and the Upside Down Villa. They featured in the Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph and Boston Globe and have entries in the Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Responsible Travel, Tour Egypt, Trip Advisor and Virtual Tourist. The first business in Luxor to be officially recognised as 'green', the group uses local products and staff, low energy bulbs and green energy.

For more information please contact Jane Akshar. T. +20 103 564540 or visit the website:

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Villas in Luxor from Flats in Luxor

The new website is up Nubian Eco Village, catch the Budding Egyptologist Guide I am quite proud of that

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Amar at Arabesque House - Luxor Villas - TripAdvisor

June bought the top flat at the Arabesque House from us and we are managing rentals until she can retire and move out here. If you have stayed there please do give her flat a review on Trip Advisor. She has her own listing there Amar at Arabesque House - Luxor Villas - TripAdvisor: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Monday, May 17, 2010

Egyptian Toilets

Warning this post is graphic lol
Travellers to Egypt find one aspect of using a toilet here confusing. The restriction on toilet paper being flushed down the toilet. Users are asked to put used toilet paper in a bin next to the toilet and to Western minds this is not pleasant. But Egyptians do not expect you to put dirty paper there, so how does this work?

Toilets in Egypt either have an outlet in the bowl of the toilet that shoots a jet of water right up your bum or a hose where you can direct the jet where you want. So the idea is that you wash yourself and only use toilet paper for drying yourself. I bet it all makes sense now. Actually if you think about it, it is more hygienic to use water to wash, definitely refreshing in hot weather and keeps your hands cleaner.

PS I am talking about toilets in tourist establishments, outside of those you take your life in your hands :))

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Amar at the Arabesque House

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June who owns this flat has put up her own listing on Trip Advisor, so please put your review here if you stay in this flat

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sunday Times recommends Flats in Luxor for property sales

If you read the recent article in the Sunday Times you will know that we are recommended for people wanting to buy property in Luxor. We are neither an agent nor a huge multinational, we are local property developers and own the land and buildings personally. Our property is not miles out of town but right in the centre of things, in view of the monuments.
Currently we have for sale one, two and three bedroom properties, villas and flats, on both East and West Bank, some with swimming pools and comprehensive communal facilities. Prices range from $60,000 - $150,000 USD with no agents fees as you are buying direct from us and these are properties come with all their papers.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Al Gezera - Flats in Luxor

Back in 2003 we built the first flats in Luxor in Al Gezera village. I live in one and the other three were available for tourist rental. These were 3 bedroom and one bathroom and later we built the one bedroom penthouse flat for Michael on the roof. That is how it has been for 7 years so it was time for a lick of paint. With Goubli and its electricity problems we also had a shortage of flats with swimming pool, 2 bathrooms AND air conditioning so we decided to put another bathroom in every flat. So Al Gezera building is having a total face lift. They should be finished in a week - 10 days but this is a good time to do them as this time of year is very quiet.