Friday, August 21, 2009

A review of our services

I just had this terrific review sent to me, we had this lovely family stay who said they would do a review on Trip Advisor and the youngest lad was so articulate I suggested he write it. Bless him he did a fantastic job and he is only 11

Report on Flats in Luxor

I have recently journeyed to Egypt with my family, for much of all of our lives we had wished to see the great wonders of the country. I had always dreamt of seeing the Luxor Necropolis and delving into the tombs, and of course, going to Giza to see the Pyramids. All of these things, and many more were made exceedingly easy and very possible with the enormous help of Jane and Mahmoud Akshar. They are a kind and engaging Anglo-Egyptian couple with a great intention for you to experience not only the fantastic sights in Egypt but also the culture and present day villages. They have a range of things you can do on their curriculum all around the West Bank; Donkey and Camel Rides up the ridge at The Valley of the Kings and to the Christian Village respectively, trips to the Valley of the Queens which includes seeing Habu Temple and the temple of Merenptah, Felucca rides down the Nile and even trips up to Cairo to see the Giza Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum and down to Aswan to see Ramses II temple at Abu Simbel. All of these trips, and many more, are available to you if you choose to stay with Flats in Luxor. Jane and Mahmoud provide a selection of guides that are local and very knowledgeable. They are kind and courteous and always arrive on the dot ready to take you on any of your trips. They also employ kind, local drivers that are always on time and can take you to any place at any time. The money you pay to Jane and Mahmoud supports the local community and the people within it. Jane or indeed Mahmoud are both reliable sources of information and always put you first so that you, the tourist, can have an enjoyable holiday.

Me and my family stayed in the Al Gezira Flats in Luxor. It was very convenient as me and my family have always wanted, where ever we go, to soak up the community and culture and so this choice of accommodation was a gift to us as you could never experience anything like the true and modern Egypt on a Nile cruise. If you just walked down the roads you would meet a vibrant array of shops providing fruit, vegetables, eggs, milk and anything you would want to self-cater. Also there are quite a few restaurants that present rich and very tasty food. You are also only a five minutes walk from the beautiful waters of the elegant River Nile and you are able to catch a motorboat or ferry over to the East Bank of Luxor.

The accommodation itself is delightful with cool air-conditioned bedrooms with soft beds, and balconies for spectacular views across the West Bank. There is also a nice pool outside that is very useful for cooling down and relaxing. All of these components, and with the fantastic help of Jane and Mahmoud Akshar contributed to an extremely fabulous holiday. And I assure you that if you want to enjoy yourself to the full and be amazed by the glorious sights go to Egypt and stay with Jane and Mahmoud Akshar in Flats in Luxor

Lewis Grace

Age 11

Monday, August 17, 2009

YouTube - On the bank of the Nile (6th Day 2009)

A future guest while researching on Flats in Luxor spotted this video, the Goubli building appreas at 6:36

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Flats in Luxor accepts PayPal deposits

Up until recently Flats in Luxor have asked British clients for a payment direct into my bank account and overseas for their credit cards. Well I decided to upgrade my PayPal account so now Flats in Luxor can offer secure payment of deposits via PayPal. We still require the balance paid in cash on arrival especially as I have to pay commission on PayPal

Tonight I had my first payment and it worked really well, the client made the payment within 10 minutes so it was obviously easy.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Christmas and New Year 2009 in Luxor

Well I knew it was going to be busy in Luxor this Christmas when I got my first booking Christmas 2008 a whole year early. But here I am in August nearly fully booked, just as well Mahmoud keeps building. Two of the new villas are booked and we have not finished building them. I have two flats free in the Arabesque, one at Al Gezera, 2 one bedrooms on the East bank and 2 more villas and that is all.

However please don't think that means you cannot have Christmas in Luxor, we still have all our friends that we have used in the past as overflow. I must admit I never thought we would still need overflow with 20 flats and 5 villas so thank you to every that has booked with Flats in Luxor and making us a success. I must admit after a very quiet summer a busy Christmas will be a big help

Cost cutting by Luxor Tour Agents

Just checking the prices of tours on the Corniche in Luxor and noticed that the major Luxor companies have reduced the number of ticketed sites from 3 to 2. Like cutting the size of the chocolate bar and keeping the price the same.

I am pleased to sat Flats in Luxor group still offers a PRIVATE tour of up to 3 sites, English speaking guide, tickets, a/c transport and LUNCH for only $80 USD a head. We also give half priced tours for student card holders as well as children.