Monday, March 31, 2008

Apartments and Property for Sale from Flats in Luxor

Investors will have noticed the rash of developments in Luxor and this will give you an idea of how advantageous it is to buy a holiday property in Luxor. Both national and regional government are positively encouraging development of the area and it is a very exciting place to invest your money. Capital growth is assured. Land prices are sky rocketing and those buying property in Luxor now will be able to sit back and watch their investment grow.

We aim to provide small intimate developments but with all the facilities of a major complex. Peace and quiet and away from the crowds. None of our buildings have more than 7 units and rather than buying off plan our properties are already completed and available for inspection. Dealing with our registered Egyptian company Flats in Luxor Group you can be assured that investment is safe. All our property is built on private land so no problems about land ownership. You can buy with confidence from Flats in Luxor.

We have property in Luxor on both the East and West Bank and every apartment has the same loving attention to detail, Mahmoud has very high standards and nothing is skimped and shoddily finished. We offer you a quality flat in Luxor in a small development direct from us, Jane Akshar and Mahmoud Jahlan. No big anonymous companies to deal with when you buy from us. We are always available personally to advise you and to look after the property should you not be in residence. Our trusted and reliable staff can help you with errands and improvements. One of our owners wanted an unusual painting job done on his flat so we got our painter to give him a star studded ceiling. Different but that is our specialisation, individual attention for our owners.

Apartments are for sale at: East Bank, Al Gezera, Goubli and the Arabesque house. We also have plots of land where we could build you a dream villa in Luxor. Let us show you around and you can see for yourself a property in Luxor should come from Flats in Luxor, the original and best apartments in Luxor.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Flats in Luxor Map

Trying to make up your mind which Flats in Luxor to choose, this map will help.

Now Flats in Luxor has 3 blocks on the West Bank. the original Flats in Luxor are on the edge of Al Gezera village and and the new Flats in luxor are on the Goubli road. Two styles of building Arabesque, traditional Islamic style 2/3 bedroom flats with a garden and roof terrace. Goubli is super luxury and will have swimming pool, jacuzzi, roof top resturant, lift, shop, library, WiFi internet and many more.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kid's Tours

We just had a load of fun with a big kids tour. I had to make up some new roles so we had

Mr and Mrs pharaoh
Hittite Princess
Royal Scribe
Keeper of the Royal Zoo & Leopard
300 handmaidens
Priest of Anubis

what I try and do is act out scenes from tombs and temples and if I get enough time with a family we will see everything we have acted out over a few days.

This time it was two families and as you can see even Dads join in and make lovely Royal Handmaiden!

But sometimes the blushing bride or Hittite princess can hide her/his beauty lol however we always seem to have fun

WiFi at Flats in Luxor

Flats in Luxor Group are happy to announce the installation of WiFi at their new building on Luxor's West Bank.

Yes that's right our Goubli flats now have WiFi and our chef is installed and cooking. Next on the agenda is the swimming pool which we expect to start really soon.

BTW Quad Bikes can now be hired for a unique desert trip