Sunday, July 22, 2012

Out of Office Reply until 13th August

If you email me that is what you are going to get for three weeks because for the first time for three years I am having a holiday. Mahmoud got a week in the UK last year on condition I got to go to my graduation and summer school this year!

So I fly tomorrow, on Friday I will graduate from the Certificate in Continuing Education in Egyptology from Manchester University after 4 years studying, we get a champagne and strawberry reception and all the lecturers wear their gowns (I have seen previous years graduations). I have managed to get three guests as another graduate is only bringing one guest so my best mate Colette Mason will be there, my daughter Amira and her friend who is driving her there. Posh dinner with cocktails in the evening.

Then I am going to summer school at Liverpool University, 2 full weeks. I get to stay in student digs and the first week is history and the second week glyphs, I hope I can crack these face to face :)

 I am meeting up with a lot of friends while I am there and if you are around Liverpool then get in touch. It is going to be weird to be back in blighty, I gather is has been raining ROFL, I will miss Luxor and Egypt so much.

Then it is back to Luxor on 13th August to several hundred emails, I being given an old I-phone so I expect to deal with any urgent ones while I am there but otherwise it will have to wait until I get back.

Mahmoud is holding the fort in Luxor while I am away.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Guide services - Review of Flats in Luxor, Luxor, Egypt - TripAdvisor

Lovely review of our tour guide services from a delightful American family. We have nearly 100 reviews on Trip Advisor now.
Guide services - Review of Flats in Luxor, Luxor, Egypt - TripAdvisor: Jane set up our guide services while in Luxor, even though we did not stay at her property. We are a family of 5 with 3 young children. Jane set up a perfect day, insisting that we start at 6 am and take a 2 hour break mid-day at her pool. She arranged a fabulous lunch at her property and joined us for a lively conversation. Hussein was our guide. He has a doctorate in Egyptology, was incredibly patient and entertaining. Given that it was 120 degrees (fahrenheit) that is quite a feat! We would recommend Jane and Hussein without reservation.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Felt like home!!! - Review of Flats in Luxor, Luxor, Egypt - TripAdvisor

That has to be the nicest headline, felt like home, we always try to make our guests feel like they are at home, this our 96th review shows us our hard work is worth it. :) Please come back. 

Felt like home!!! - Review of Flats in Luxor, Luxor, Egypt - TripAdvisor: I just returned from spending five weeks with Jane at her Al Gezera flats. This was my first time staying there, and what a comfortable, beautiful and convenient location!
Jane made sure everything was taken care of for me and Mohammed was also very helpful and always had a smile.
Safety was never a concern, and it was interesting to be there during the election.
It felt like I was staying with friends instead of being left on my own once checked into a hotel. Everyone was so friendly in the village and the ferry to the East Bank was a short walk down the street. The sites are all very close and easy to get to.
The view of the Theban Hills from the flat is absolutely breathtaking and I often sat on my balcony just watching the sunset.
It was sad to say goodbye to all my new friends and leave Luxor behind, but you can bet I will return again soon!
Stayed June 2012, traveled solo

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Should you eat street food in Egypt?

 YES in my opinion, it is fresh, tasty and if the locals are eating it you can. Which of these two breakfasts would you prefer?

A street breakfast will consist of ful which is a vegetarian dish made from dried fava beans and slow cooked, taste is similar to Mexican refried beans. It is served hot with oil or buffalo butter and mashed. Scooped up with pitta bread and served with pickles, salads, aubergine, eggs all sorts, what ever you choose.

Or you can have a boring hotel breakfast. Your choice :)

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy 4th July

to all American fans, ex guests and future guests. Have a great holiday and we hope to see you again in Luxor really soon.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Egyptian adventure at it's best!!! - Review of Flats in Luxor, Luxor, Egypt - TripAdvisor

Our 95th review! 

Egyptian adventure at it's best!!! - Review of Flats in Luxor, Luxor, Egypt - TripAdvisor: Staying at the flats was very comfortable and the 'meet and greet' from the airport took away any concerns of 'how do we get there' etc especially arriving on a later flight. Jane was extremely helpful offering help and advice which was very useful as it was a little daunting staying on the west bank as this was a first for me. I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and would not go back to staying on the east bank, the location of the flats is brillant for the sites, village, and there's a fantastic bakery just around the corner and it's only a 10 min walk to the ferry crossing. The flat was huge and the space and freedom was brillant as although there were 3 of us sharing we were never under each others feet! I couldn't get enough of the view especially in the evening when the Theban Hills are lit up. The swimming pool offers privacy and again the size is very generous and it even has a jaquzzi pool! Little Mohammed is a real sweetie, bless him, and I love his greeing when he see's you 'it's good' He is also very creative and made us smile with the towel art!! My three weeks stay was incrediable-thank you Jane for making it extra special! Pauline-Leicester, UK

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