Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Archaeological Diggings recommends Flats in Luxor

The following review of my News blog and our tours appeared the the Aug/Sep 06 issue of Archaeological Diggings which is published in Australia.


"I have always wondered whether the acronym BLOG meant B----- Lot Of Garbage as most of the BLOGS I have read seem to read that way. However, not this one.

Naturally, it is about ancient Egypt. If you want to find links to the latest news going about tombs, monuments and artefacts, go to Jane Akshar's Luxor news at http://touregypt.net/teblog/luxornews/. She celebrated one year of blogging on 3rd June.

Jane is an English woman married to an Egyptian. She runs holiday lettings and conducts small, intimate tours around the Luxor archaeological sites, including the cemeteries and tombs of the west bank. Touring with Jane is great fun as I know from personal experience this year. Jane has contacts in all the right quarters, so if anybody knows Egyptian antiquities news, she does. MC "

Friday, September 15, 2006

Apartments in Luxor

I just received an email from a potential guest asking me what a flat is? Well I guess America and the UK are divided by a common language. We call ourselves Flats in Luxor as a flat is the English word for accommodation generally all on one floor where there are several other flats on different floors. So I guess for our American friends I should call myself Apartments in Luxor or should that be Appartments in Luxor because i have seen both. Do Americans spell that a different way?

Flats in Luxor = Apartments in Luxor = the best holiday you will have in Luxor

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Typical Tour

We recently did this tour for a set of guests and if you are looking for ideas it may help you. Expect to pay $1000 USD per person excluding international airfares. This is for a private guided trip with all tickets, transport, transfers and accommodation. Accommodation in Cairo and Aswan is in 3 star hotels personally chosen by us and in Luxor at one of our flats.

Day 1 Giza Pyramids and Museum Overnight Cairo

Day 2 Sakkara and Memphis and Dashur Overnight Cairo

Day 3 Old and Islamic Cairo, Bazaars Sleeper Train to Luxor

Day 4 Donkey Ride over the Ridge and Karnak Sound and Light Overnight Luxor

Day 5 Karnak and Luxor Temples, Felucca sunset Cruise Overnight Luxor

Day 6 Valley of Kings, Temple of Hatshepsut and Nobles tombs, Camel Ride Overnight Luxor

Day 7 Workman's Village, Medinet Habu and Ramasseum, Overnight Luxor

Day 8 Valley of Queens, Ramose and Merenptah temple Overnight Luxor

Day 9 Road transfer to Aswan: Edfu, Ko Ombo, Philae, Unfinished Obelisk and High Dam Overnight Aswan

Day 10 Abu Simbel, Shopping Sleeper Train to Cairo

Friday, September 01, 2006

Unique Decoration in our Ra penthouse

Our penthouse flat at El Gezera is owned by a British expat who wanted a unique decor. His plan is to live there during the winter and for us to rent it out for him during the summer months. As you can see from the photo it is unusual to say the least. It sleeps 4 people so you too can enjoy this rather unusual flat.