Monday, February 24, 2014

Memorial Service 26th February | Luxor Committee

Memorial Service 26th February | Luxor Committee

The Governor of Luxor wishes to announce that on the 26th  February
there will be a memorial service for the 19 victims of the balloon
accident which occurred 1 year ago. The service will be held at the
crash site on the west bank at 10 am.

There will be transport provided from the east bank. The bus will depart at 9am from the Novotel

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Best Place in Luxor - Review of Flats in Luxor, Luxor, Egypt - TripAdvisor

Our latest review :- 

The Best Place in Luxor - Review of Flats in Luxor, Luxor, Egypt - TripAdvisor: Luxor is an amazing place in Egypt, and the west bank is without a doubt, the better place than the east bank. We stayed at the Al gezira flats for 2 times, first for 5 days, and another 6 days after returning from Aswan. The top level flat is as good as it gets, great sun, great panorama; the ground floor flat during our returning visit gets a little cold but. Jane doubles as a great host in Luxor, where she advised on Luxor and promoted my works to others. We would not have stayed in Luxor for all these days without the great accommodation and the great people from Luxor.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

A typical Flats in Luxor guest

Abu Simbel on Vimeo

This video was created by Kim Lau who has the Facebook page

Kim is a recent guest at Flats in Luxor and he typifies the Flats in Luxor guest, they are not typical! Because Flats in Luxor is not typical hotel accommodation we don't get typical guests. We get people who want a real hands on experience of Egypt with plenty of culture and history thrown in. They actually tend to be quite interesting themselves and I have made a lot of good friends over the years.

Kim is a travel photographer from Singapore, he actually initially contacted me on the afternoon of his arrival! Had I got room for tonight, luckily I did. He is travelling for several months building a portfolio and he is sponsored by Olympus. Not an Egyptologist at all, he actually described my beloved temples as a heap of old stones, but Egypt has attractions for all sorts of people. As a result he wanted advice about good places to go for great photos, space to work and an internet connection. He stayed for 5 nights and then went to Aswan and Abu Simble for 5 nights. As he needed to catch up on his work he then came back again and is staying for another 5 nights. Taking time out to consolidate and cook, the smells last night were mouth watering. The advantage of self catering.

At the same time we have two young ladies staying who are doing a tour of Egypt with us. They flew in from Canada to Cairo and we arranged their stay, all accommodation, transfers and tours. They spent 2 days in Cairo, then went to the Red Sea to do open water dives. Mahmoud met them at the airport and supervised the start of their holiday, now they are in Luxor for 4 nights and go to Aswan, Abu Simble and finally back to Cairo. All this through Flats in Luxor.

So whether your need is for a traditional tour of Egypt or something more quirky, we can help you have a great holiday in Egypt