Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tiling Finished at the Swimming Pool

We had a big delay with this next to last stage for two reasons. One we had problems getting the tiles. But the more serious one was that when they did the test fill there was a leak. This meant that the pool had to be dug out all the way round to find where the concrete was leaking. An absolute nightmare. After doing all this they found no leak and it appears that the excess water had come from the irrigation next door. So all that effort and time was wasted.

The two photos show the pool and the boys standing on the bar stools give you an idea of scale.

The big round pool is for kids and the large pool has three levels which you can see by the different floor decoration. Behind the boys they have just dug out where the kitchen/bar is going to be. BTW the boys are Garden Mohammed, Hajaj and Ahmed.