Monday, November 26, 2012

Live broadcast of Egypt touristic sites worldwide to promote industry

Now this is an excellent idea as I seem to spend a lot of time explaining to people that Luxor is not Tahrir Square and nothing is happening here. Now they will be able to see for themselves. Well done the tourism ministry.    
Live broadcast of Egypt touristic sites worldwide to promote industry - Economy - Business - Ahram Online: "The media has summarised the whole country as the single square kilometre that is Tahrir Square," Zaazou explained. "The rest of the country is safe and ready to receive visitors from all over the world."

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Flats in Luxor (Luxor, Egypt) TripAdvisor 103rd review

Flats in Luxor (Luxor, Egypt) - Condominium Reviews - TripAdvisor: Just returned from 3 weeks in Egypt which included a 3 nights stay in Luxor in Jane's flats. We are a family of 3 including a 11 years old boy and this was our first visit to Egypt. The flats we stayed in were clean and spacious and the pool was a real treat at the end of hot sweaty days. The units were kept safe and were well maintained and every time we were seen aiming for the pool, someone was always there to make sure it was clean. The view from the two balconies was amazing particularly taking into account the otherwise business of Luxor. Banana fields with the rising of the sun and the Valley of the Kings at sun set.A real little oasis !
The staff employed by Jan were fantastic, each one of us were touched by their attention to our needs, including when our son got sick and remedies were prepared as well as trips to the chemist facilitated.
Jane was instrumental in helping us plan the days and her enthusiasm in all things Egyptian meant that we packed a lot into our days. She recommended the guide and provided a driver that we were able to relay on. Her recommended guide was knowledgeable and showed great pride in the history of his country and his profession, he was humble and kind and by the end of the 4th tour we did respond to his call... " lets go my family". The driver was well versed in all things in Luxor and by mid morning his sense of humor was well awaken. At the end of each tour day we were treated with an amazing lunch prepared by the chef and served beautifully wherever we wanted it, mostly by the pool. We also had dinner at the units and the food recommended was fantastic.
As a family we would highly recommend the quieter side of Luxor particularly if you dont intend to spend too much time in the center of the town. It took me 20min brisk walking to the Nile to catch a ride into East Luxor otherwise the car trip into town is a good 30min. The walk is lovely however and worth the stroll at any time.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Private tours of Luxor

Flats in Luxor doesn’t just do accommodation, we do tours too and like our accommodation these are top notch. Firstly you get Jane Akshar, Egyptologist and author of Hidden Luxor advising you about the sites to visit. She tries to understand YOU and your interests and bears in mind the ages of the group. Together you work out a schedule that perfectly fits your needs. Then you get a private tour guide who will not rush you. There will be no shouts of “20 minutes and back on the bus”. If you want to spend time getting that perfect shot of the inscriptions you can. If you have loads of questions, ask them. If your child needs to go to the toilet or have a break it is no problem. It is your tour and we do things at your pace.  Hussein Omar is our no 1 guide, with an MA in Egyptology, a delightful man, quietly spoken and knowledgeable. If he is busy he recommends another of his colleagues who like him are highly qualified and experienced. So even if you aren’t staying with us but want a bespoke tour please email us, hotel pick up included.

It is not just Luxor we can organise, we have done tours for guests from Alexandria to Abu Simble, through Middle Egypt (Tell Amarna, Beni Hassan) or the Western Oasis. Flats in Luxor group can do it all.