Sunday, December 06, 2015

Goubli Apartments Luxor (Egypt) - Guest house Reviews - TripAdvisor

 Because of Trip Advisor crazy policy we have several listings as well as the main No 1 spot, so I almost missed this lovely review.


Goubli Apartments Luxor (Egypt) - Guest house Reviews - TripAdvisor: Elegant, enormous 3-br, 2-bath flat, huge rooms and nicely furnished, with wraparound balcony that overlooks Deir el-Bahari (Hatshepsut temple) and the mountains, surrounded by farm fields with camels and donkeys -- perfect setting, near all the West Bank archeological sites. Staff was extremely accommodating and genuinely friendly, couldn't have been better. Our food was excellent and very inexpensive, and we could eat on the roof, overlooking Hatshepsut's temple, or our two balconies or our dining room. This is a genuinely, purely Egyptian experience, not a lavish Euro-style hotel, and a great, great value. Also Jane Akshar is a highly knowledgeable Egyptologist, and eager to help. She will arrange the best guides and drivers in Luxor, at very low prices but with guaranteed expertise. I'm in Egyptology myself, so I can confirm that Jane's guides know their stuff. This is NOT the typical packaged-tour experience. This is for people who really care about ancient Egypt and want to absorb all they can, of past and present both.