Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Party 2010

Had the Flats in Luxor Christmas party tonight. Lots of guests

Lots of food cooked by our trusty chef Gamal.

Served by our waiter Mahmoud

Supervised by father and son, Mahmoud and Hamdi

Lots of faces of wonder as the party progressed

The men rather enjoyed the belly dancer

And the women tried to copy her

But our staff, Nasser here, were much better

Then Mr Magic performed his tricks (yes I know he look like a pimp)

The children were mesmorised

The the whirling dervish

which fascinated adults and children alike

and at the end of the evening a rather orange moon said good night

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The latest magazine to feature Flats in Luxor Property Sales

Monarch Airlines has featured Flats in Luxor in it's inflight magazine Explorer. The article from A Place in the Sun talks about the safe way to buy property in Luxor and quotes Jane Akshar the owner of Flats in Luxor. We have also placed our advert next to the article.

We are very proud that they have recommended us and that you can buy all your property needs, with confidence, from Flats in Luxor

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Last minute Christmas deals with guaranteed sunshine in Luxor, Egypt

Flats in Luxor still has Christmas vacancies, get away from the cold and snow. Come to Luxor and bask in warm sunshine. Egypt is affordable with loads to do and lots of local culture. Luxor is designated the biggest open air museum, do a donkey ride to the Valley of the Kings, see Tutankhamen, a day trip to Cairo and see the pyramids. Get cheap flights on EasyJet or any of the charter airlines. Check out my East Bank flats, the Arabesque House and the one bedroom villas. All have Christmas vacancies and prices start at $50 USD a night.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Flats in Luxor and Gaddis Hotel

Flats in Luxor Group has accommodation both sides of the river but the majority is on the West Bank. As a consequence we have the greatest facilities there, including our two chefs Gamal and Mohammed. Guests staying at Goubli have these great cooks on site but at Al Gezera, the Villas and the Arabesque House deliveries are easily arranged.

Our guests staying on the East Bank have rather missed out on all this but now we have a great solution. The Gaddis Hotel, which is just a very short walk from the flats, has a great selection of English, Egyptian and International food, including a pork menu! Snacks, pizza and sandwiches are also available and Flats in Luxor is able to give you a 10% discount card.

The Gaddis Hotel also has Karaoke Nights every Saturday and Tuesday for 9pm until late. The Gaddis hotel is very famous in Luxor, not only because of Mr Gaddis is the Honorary British Consul but because of the fabulous photos taken by his father. These black and white studies are so atmospheric and evocative of the town, with both its recent and ancient history.