Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Party time

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all my readers from Luxor. This year we only had 8 guests who wanted to attend the Christmas party. A lot of people coming abroad do so to get away from Christmas. Christmas in Luxor is only for tourists as the Coptic Christians here celebrate on 7th January.

Unlike the Luxor hotels we do not make our parties compulsorily but with only 8 it would have been difficult to give them a good time. So we combined with Nile Valley (which meant the guests got a reduced rate). There was a great belly dancer and Sufi or whirling dervish. The food was amazing and I got the cutest present

New Year we have 21 signed up so we are doing our own party, last year Mahmoud arranged for 10 different acts to come on during the evening, it was a fabulous time. We had it on the roof but this year we have 2 guests with mobility issues and after my op I am not sure I could make it to the roof so we are having it at ground level by the villas.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Holidays in Luxor 2009 - Closures...there are none

Luxor does not close anything for 25th December, in fact as the locals are a mixture of Muslim and Coptic Christians there is no local that celebrates anything on that day. Coptic Christians follow the old calender (also known as the Julian or Coptic calender) and celebrate Christmas 13 days later than the West which uses the Gregorian calender. Muslims whilst they revere Jesus as a prophet do not celebrate his birthday, in fact birthday celebrations are not common full stop. So there is nothing happening on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day except at tourist establishments. Hotels and restaurants seeing the demand have started offering gala dinners to their guests and decorating the buildings but do not expect anything more than that.

New Year is likewise, it is not a local holiday as the Muslim and Coptic new years fall on different dates and even then there is no tradition of celebrations. So only expect celebrations in tourist establishments.

There is no effect on site openings, indeed the sites never shut not even for Eid, the only event that does effect the sites is closing times during Ramadan. Opening times remain the same.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

A review of our services

I just had this terrific review sent to me, we had this lovely family stay who said they would do a review on Trip Advisor and the youngest lad was so articulate I suggested he write it. Bless him he did a fantastic job and he is only 11

Report on Flats in Luxor

I have recently journeyed to Egypt with my family, for much of all of our lives we had wished to see the great wonders of the country. I had always dreamt of seeing the Luxor Necropolis and delving into the tombs, and of course, going to Giza to see the Pyramids. All of these things, and many more were made exceedingly easy and very possible with the enormous help of Jane and Mahmoud Akshar. They are a kind and engaging Anglo-Egyptian couple with a great intention for you to experience not only the fantastic sights in Egypt but also the culture and present day villages. They have a range of things you can do on their curriculum all around the West Bank; Donkey and Camel Rides up the ridge at The Valley of the Kings and to the Christian Village respectively, trips to the Valley of the Queens which includes seeing Habu Temple and the temple of Merenptah, Felucca rides down the Nile and even trips up to Cairo to see the Giza Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum and down to Aswan to see Ramses II temple at Abu Simbel. All of these trips, and many more, are available to you if you choose to stay with Flats in Luxor. Jane and Mahmoud provide a selection of guides that are local and very knowledgeable. They are kind and courteous and always arrive on the dot ready to take you on any of your trips. They also employ kind, local drivers that are always on time and can take you to any place at any time. The money you pay to Jane and Mahmoud supports the local community and the people within it. Jane or indeed Mahmoud are both reliable sources of information and always put you first so that you, the tourist, can have an enjoyable holiday.

Me and my family stayed in the Al Gezira Flats in Luxor. It was very convenient as me and my family have always wanted, where ever we go, to soak up the community and culture and so this choice of accommodation was a gift to us as you could never experience anything like the true and modern Egypt on a Nile cruise. If you just walked down the roads you would meet a vibrant array of shops providing fruit, vegetables, eggs, milk and anything you would want to self-cater. Also there are quite a few restaurants that present rich and very tasty food. You are also only a five minutes walk from the beautiful waters of the elegant River Nile and you are able to catch a motorboat or ferry over to the East Bank of Luxor.

The accommodation itself is delightful with cool air-conditioned bedrooms with soft beds, and balconies for spectacular views across the West Bank. There is also a nice pool outside that is very useful for cooling down and relaxing. All of these components, and with the fantastic help of Jane and Mahmoud Akshar contributed to an extremely fabulous holiday. And I assure you that if you want to enjoy yourself to the full and be amazed by the glorious sights go to Egypt and stay with Jane and Mahmoud Akshar in Flats in Luxor

Lewis Grace

Age 11

Monday, August 17, 2009

YouTube - On the bank of the Nile (6th Day 2009)

A future guest while researching on Flats in Luxor spotted this video, the Goubli building appreas at 6:36

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Flats in Luxor accepts PayPal deposits

Up until recently Flats in Luxor have asked British clients for a payment direct into my bank account and overseas for their credit cards. Well I decided to upgrade my PayPal account so now Flats in Luxor can offer secure payment of deposits via PayPal. We still require the balance paid in cash on arrival especially as I have to pay commission on PayPal

Tonight I had my first payment and it worked really well, the client made the payment within 10 minutes so it was obviously easy.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Christmas and New Year 2009 in Luxor

Well I knew it was going to be busy in Luxor this Christmas when I got my first booking Christmas 2008 a whole year early. But here I am in August nearly fully booked, just as well Mahmoud keeps building. Two of the new villas are booked and we have not finished building them. I have two flats free in the Arabesque, one at Al Gezera, 2 one bedrooms on the East bank and 2 more villas and that is all.

However please don't think that means you cannot have Christmas in Luxor, we still have all our friends that we have used in the past as overflow. I must admit I never thought we would still need overflow with 20 flats and 5 villas so thank you to every that has booked with Flats in Luxor and making us a success. I must admit after a very quiet summer a busy Christmas will be a big help

Cost cutting by Luxor Tour Agents

Just checking the prices of tours on the Corniche in Luxor and noticed that the major Luxor companies have reduced the number of ticketed sites from 3 to 2. Like cutting the size of the chocolate bar and keeping the price the same.

I am pleased to sat Flats in Luxor group still offers a PRIVATE tour of up to 3 sites, English speaking guide, tickets, a/c transport and LUNCH for only $80 USD a head. We also give half priced tours for student card holders as well as children.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Luxor holiday apartments, Egypt. World's best responsible & ecotourism holidays

Another year with Responsible Travel.

We have just been renewed on very favourable terms for another year. Apparently our conversion rate is very good and I have been a good girl and done my admin properly :) We look forward to another year with them and thank all our guests who came through them.

Luxor holiday apartments, Egypt. World's best responsible & ecotourism holidays

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Villas in Luxor

We have had our hand forced and gone ahead with the Nubian Eco Village. We were leaving the land with crops but a new mains gas pipeline is being installed.

Once installed then you are not allowed to build over it so we quickly had to make a move. First we walled the land so that any work was secure.

We then got some builders from Edfu to make domed villas. We had hoped to build in mud brick but were informed that as the land was in the cultivation and with the problem of rising water this was not possible. This made perfect sense from what I have seen at the Hassan Fathy village. Where rising water is attacking the mudbrick and even installation of damp proof course and non mud foundations has not halted the rot. Although it was a disappointment as I wanted the entire construction to be of mud brick.

So if we could not use traditional materials we wanted at least the traditional style so the builder who has wide experience suggested all sorts of ideas and concepts. We are determined to use mud brick in the finish.

The decorative style of red and white bricks was a great idea and we approved that. They build the arch separately and then incorporate it into the structure. We are having domes as this keeps the building cool. He also has come up with other ideas.

Furniture is being incorporated, shelves in the bathrooms, bed platforms, cupboards all sorts are actually being built into the fabric of the building. It is really clever as well as being practical and money saving. Wood is expensive in Egypt

As we have plenty of large 3 bedroom units these villas are going to be semi detached one and two bedroom units. As ever Mahmoud is cracking on and being as we are almost fully booked for Christmas we are aiming at finishing them in time for the winter season.

Building work has really progressed and I think the graceful arches and decorative brick work are lovely. We are only doing 4 units at present and the land behind them will be left to grow vegetables. These units like all our units are available for rent or sale. Property in Luxor is really growing and the governor encourages tourism developments. The area is very popular as it is privately owned with land registry, views across the fields to the Nile and to the hills to the temple of Hatshepsut. Away from the antiquities prohibited development area and the governor has no plans for redevelopment in this area.

With our Goubli building next door with its free WiFI, communal areas, swimming pool and restaurant these units have all the conveniences as well

Friday, July 17, 2009

Jane Akshar aka Jane Ashkar

I know it is all my fault, fancy marrying a man with such an difficult name. Actually it could be a lot worse. When my late husband Ayman Akshar died I decided to keep his name as it was also the name of my daughter. Unfortunately lots of people spell it wrong Ashkar. I noticed tonight loads of entries on the net with the wrong spelling

But when I remarried my husband has this amazing name and what makes it worse his father uses two versions so I could have been Mrs Jane Mahmoud Al Azeb Abedallell Omar or Mrs Jane Mahmoud Jahlan Abedallell Omar

Doesn't Akshar suddenly seem easy

Thursday, June 25, 2009

ATM on the West Bank

We have one ATM on the West Bank, it has not been there long but it is very popular. This funny photo was taken in the late afternoon with the sun shining directly on the screen. Our driver was trying to use a cushion to shade the screen, it was really difficult to see anything but we did manage in the end.

Friday, June 19, 2009

September Special Offers on Egyptian Holidays

Get the second week for half price when you book a two week holiday with Flats in Luxor during September.

Yes that’s right your second week is half price. A superb family holiday in our luxurious apartments with swimming pool, free internet and in-house restaurant.

Luxor is a wonderful place to learn about history, see the local sites and soak up some sun. Interested contact us quoting 0909offer.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Daily Telegraph recommends Flats in Luxor

We are mentioned in this Daily Telegraph travel article Activity breaks: death on the Nile - Telegraph

Press Releases from Flats in Luxor

These are all the press releases we have issued so far.

Exotic Arabesque House
Multi Lingual Website for Flats in Luxor
1000 bookings
Flats in Luxor goes Green
New Tours from Flats in Luxor
Property sales from Flats in Luxor
Flats in Luxor and Sail the Nile Merge

I have used PRWeb for all these releases and found them excellent. Cost effective and they get results. In fact I actually wrote to them back in July 2008 after receiving a personal telelphone call from the MD with advice and helpful tips.

"Mario Bonilla exemplifies 7* customer service, caring not just about the big corporate but the little guy as well. I am a small operation in a third world country and he made me feel like the President of General Motors. I got an unsolicited telephone call giving me advice about my press release and another personal call when I emailed with an issue with the content of my release. The advice was pertinent to the size of my operation and my abilities. I really felt I had a friend at the end of the phone. When you consider I have only released 4 press releases (so far) you have to be impressed. Has he bought my customer loyalty, you betcha."

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Video of Goubli flats and our new development - the Nubian village

I just recently had a disaster when my camera stopped working for no apparent reason. Of course out here in Luxor getting a repair is nigh on impossible. There are times I wished I lived in Cairo. But my husband has kindly swapped mobiles with me, his was all singing and dancing with video and camera and mine just took calls and messages so I have done rather well out of it. It is taking ages to learn how to use it. Today was my first time trying the video. I took some of our new development the Nubian village and several of the Goubli building and two of the flats.

Just a short clip showing the new village starting life

The first is the outside and reception, with Adham in a starring role. He is one of our staff and was busy cleanign when I arrived.

The next is a detailed shot of the Mut flat and the swimming pool

Lastly a short clip of the next door Neith flat as it is a mirror image but the view is different, the Theban Hills

Friday, May 22, 2009


Well as you have seen we have loads and loads of flats now, 20 in total so it is unlikely that we cannot provide you with accommodation but not impossible. So at really busy times like Christmas we pass business on to other landlords in the area who have flats to rent. You would still be dealt with by us under the Flats in Luxor banner and we are choosey about which flats we use. But it does mean you would always be able to find an apartment in Luxor. Search under overflow to see the various ones we have used.

Moustapha's Flat

This a new flat in our portfolio, newly completed and to a very high standard. It is situated near to the resturant Africa on the West Bank and has views of Luxor temple.

Hussein's Flat

A new addition to out portfolio. Hussein's flat is situated close to the main cross roads on the West Bank. It has an A/C bedroom and spacious lounge. Although part of the family house it does have it's own front door. Ideal for guests wanting to spend more time with local families and to brush up on their Arabic.

Exciting news for 2007 winter season, more flats at Al Gezera

Flats in Luxor have just negotiated an exclusive deal with our next door neighbour at Al Gezera to rent out his flats. The building is next to ours and is a perfectly compliment to our existing offering. The photography above shows the entrance to the original Flats in Luxor Al Gezera block on the left and this new wing straight ahead. Could not be closer.

There are three flats, Thoth, Amun and Ptah, with lovely views and balconies. The flats consist of three large double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and a large lounge/dining room.
The well established garden adjoins our building and we will be developing that into a shady seating area with shisha. And of course there will be access to the swimming pool and our other communal facilities.

As the Al Gezera flats are fully booked for a lot of the winter months, especially Christmas, I know this will be welcome news for some disappointed people.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our new Arabesque House

The latest building from Flats in Luxor available for sale and rent.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Buying Land in Egypt

Business Feed Article | Business | of encouragement from the Egyptian government towards foreign property investors

Friday, April 17, 2009

2010 bookings are racking up

Wow it is hard to believe after just 6 years now we are consistently getting bookings months in advance. Today I took a March 2010 booking from be my favourite Finns 5 years running with us now. We have loads of Christmas bookings and a complete tour booking January.

Although we love these advanced bookings we still have plenty of room for last minute ones as well. Credit crunch holidays are a speciality as our summer season price is $50 for a three bedroom flat, yes that’s right less than $10 dollars a person per night.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Baksheesh or tipping, some guidelines

In the West, we call it "tipping" or "service." But those words don't fully express the breadth of flexibility and purpose of the practice known as "baksheesh." Egypt appears to run on baksheesh and the protocol of the practice becomes evident quite quickly once in the country.

Basically, there are three kinds of baksheesh. The first is baksheesh as "alms giving." One of the 5 tenants of Islam is the giving of alms to the poor. The giver is made more holy by the action.

The second type is baksheesh as "for services rendered." This is the closest to the western tipping practices. Except it goes further. There are people at the airport whose only job appears to be opening doors. Of course, they require baksheesh. And every bathroom has an attendant, who expects a little for keeping the place clean (supposedly). One is continuously passing out a few pounds here and a few there. Guides and drivers use it as feedback and like others their basic pay only covers simple food.

The third kind of baksheesh is "for the granting of favours." Want to see what's in the tomb which is posted as closed? A few pounds will see a key miraculously produced. Want to see an excellent photo location? Want to see a forbidden mummy? The amazing thing is that you don't even need to ask for the services. Upon identifying a mark, even the museum guards will follow you around and provide services and grant favours. Interestingly, after getting over the initial adverse reaction to the practice, it becomes expected and even pleasurable.

Yes, I know it is strange but we pay it too. Everyone seems to expect it, though even I was surprised when Mahmoud paid the Doctor a hefty baksheesh when I was ill recently.

Toilet money 1LE
Small service 5 – 20LE
Medium Service 20 – 50Le
Big Service 100Le upwards

The biggest tip one of my drivers got was $1,500 USD, the lady concerned sent it after she returned home as she wanted to help him send his child to a good school

Please be generous, many rely on these tips for doctors and medicine, schooling and books etc.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Flats in Luxor launches multilingual website 欢迎你!Willkommen Bienvenido

An especial welcome to our Chinese, Spanish and German visitors from Flats in Luxor, Egypt. Our website has been translated just for you and we hope to have other languages shortly for Russian, French and Portuguese. .

The Flats in Luxor website goes multilingual reaching out to visitors from all over the world.

Everyone knows that China is becoming a serious new tourism market and we wanted to make a special welcome to visitors from that country. Independent travel is still a new concept for the Chinese and we are the first to make them feel that independent does not mean lack of support. We welcome Chinese visitors and hope to encourage them to find the real Egypt beyond the group tour.

German guests are common in Egypt and there are many facilities on the West Bank that they can relax in, restaurants run by Egyptians with German partners and even a German cultural group. Our new German website makes sure potential German guests understand our offering and find us in the search engines easily. We have had German guests in the past and we look forward to welcoming even more.

Spanish is one of the most common world languages and we want to increase our exposure to South America, which has so many common historical monuments. Jane says “I am sure South American visitors will find Egypt a fascinating place to visit. Hassan Fathy the famous architect built a village in Mexico as well as Luxor so we have links throughout the ages.”

Jane continues “We are going to be developing the website in other languages, there are many Russian visitors to the Red Sea but few visit the historical sites. By putting our website in Russian we will bring our offering to this large tourism market. Both Japanese and French versions are also planned.

Since 2003 we have been providing accommodation and tours to people all over the world but most of our guests have been English speaking from America, Britian, New Zealand and Australia. We hope putting our website into other languages we will increase the number of international guests.”

Flats in Luxor was founded in 2003 by Jane Akshar and Mahmoud Jahlan, their mission to provide high quality flats or apartments for the tourist market and to enable them to enjoy a unique and individual tour of this fascinating and historic country.

Having rented a flat in Luxor, Egypt themselves and been disappointed by the standards of cleanliness and lack of facilities they perceived a demand for Western standard flats in Luxor. For both those guests and those staying in hotels they also provide guided tours and all aspects of holidaying in Egypt.

Jane was a computer specialist by background and an Egyptologist of 40 years. She utilised her IT contacts to set up a professional website with availability calendar and booking database. Jane says ‘I was over the moon when I found the domain name FlatsinLuxor was available. However I wished I had realised that Americans have no idea what a flat is. They would call it an apartment and being as our market is international this often leads to confusion.’

Although Jane has plenty of IT, sales and marketing experience she had never worked in tourism before. That was Mahmoud’s side of the business, as a local he had worked with tourists in Luxor since he was young, knew everything there was to know and had all the contacts. The internet was an ideal medium for their business and utilising her Egyptology expertise Jane built up a dedicated following in the online Egyptology community which she used to publicise their business. Jane goes on ‘Mahmoud taught me everything about tourist, tourism and renting flats. We made a few mistakes at the beginning, the flats today are not the same as those early days and the swimming pool came later but everyone was supportive of the business. We still have repeat bookings from those early guests and we are in touch with many of them

Now some 6 years later their company Flats in Luxor Group, which is registered in Egypt, have 4 apartment blocks with 21 flats and lots of land for development, some sold but the majority are available for holiday rentals. They feature in the Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Responsible Travel, Tour Egypt, Trip Advisor and Virtual Tourist. They offer exciting and unusual tours which include the more remote places in Egypt, like Tel el Amarna and sailing holidays on traditional feluccas through

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hathor Flat Sold, Luxor, Egypt

We are delighted to announce that we have sold the Hathor flat at Goubli. The new owner does not intend to be there all the time so it is still available for rent but this welcome injection of cash will enable us to set up our own electric substation which will make a terrific difference to the a/c at Goubli. Especially as summer is coming.

Mahmoud has already bought some land, within 40 minutes actually, :), next to Goubli and intends to develop some more property as well as a Nubian eco village on our existing land. So he is going to busy for the next year.

The new owner had taken the precaution of checking with Samir Farag, the governor of Luxor, who confirmed that our land was not scheduled for redevelopment and was a good position to buy. Which was nice confirmation for any other potential buyers.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Giving to the poor

Recently I was asked about children begging and what to give them. The writer was upset about it and wanted to give appropriately. So I thought I would give a general reply.

I live on the West Bank and my husband is a local. Many members of his family are poor. His sister is married to man who gets work on the roads and fields and could not break into tourism as he speaks no English. She had 5 children, four living and one died in a tragic accident. There is no running water in her house, they share communal toilet. But they never go hungry because my husband, her brother always buys extra and give her some. This is the way the West Bank works, a neighbour would always help you out, generally that neighbour is also a relative.

In her family an illness, the beginning of the school year when books have to be bought, the children growing out of clothes is a burden. It is hard for her family and we have to help out, I feel it is a privilege to help her. She does not let her children beg and would be mortified if they did.

However some families do, and the children make good money which they bring back to the family. This will buy much needed medicines, books for school, meat, clothes but being kids some of it will go on sweets.

If you really want to give money I would suggest giving it to the mosque, they will pass it to poor families, widows, orphans etc that you will never see. With the children at the sites I would give sweets, pens, hair slides AS YOU LEAVE.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cheap Flights

There are some great cheap flights around at the moment on

Glasgow to Sharm El Sheikh, 15 March, 14 nights, £164 return

Manchester to Sharm El Sheikh, 29 April, 4 nights, £187.50 return

Bristol to Sharm El Sheikh, 16 March, 14 nights, £216.50 return

Luton to Sharm El Sheikh, 16 March, 14 nights, £201.50 return

Gatwick to Luxor, 16 March, 7 nights, £216 return

Gatwick to Marsa Alam, 18 March, 7 nights, £260 return

Manchester to Marsa Alam, 18 March, 14 nights, £290 return

Friday, March 06, 2009

Meena Team Office

It has been great fun accommodating the Dr Melinda Hartwig and the TT69 Meena tomb team. They have converted their lounge/dining area into a lounge office area. chock full of technology. I was chatting with her and we were discussing how much Egyptology has changed these days with the advent of so many technologys and what they reveal. Especially in a non destructive way, it is certainly an interesting time for Egyptology.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Luxor Forum: Flats in Luxor/Trip review - TripAdvisor

Luxor Forum: Flats in Luxor/Trip review - TripAdvisor

We are quite happy to do tours for people not staying at the flats and here is a review of a tour. They used our guide Hussein who is really popular with my guests families and Egyptologists, pretty good



A heart warming story about the people of Gurna and especially Mohammed Ismail. Thanks the Andie Bryne Egyptology News for bringing to my attention

Sunday, February 08, 2009

A review of one of our sailing cruise by one of our guests

This guest did a big tour with us, including a sailing holiday on a Sandal ( a smaller boat than a dahabiyya). If you want to contact him for a reference I will give you his email address but don't want to put it on the net because of spam.
In October 2008 my wife turned 50. As a surprise for that memorable event I arranged a surprise trip to Egypt for the two of us. Neither of us had previously been to Egypt so making the arrangements was a challenge. I started by registering on the official Tourism Egypt site, which resulted in me being bombarded by e-mails with a wide variety of different options. I could not compare these so I used these as a basis for what I thought would be the ideal trip within Egypt. I got a wide variety of bids on this basis but I also got a message declining to bid from Jane Akshar, noting that what I proposed was too much and would strain the relationship between my wife and myself. Intrigued I communicated further with her and, as a result, she designed the dream trip for us, which consisted of 3 days in Cairo with hotel and guide and airport pick-up, 3 days on a Sandal (a private boat with 7 wonderful Egyptian men taking care of us), and then 3 days in Luxor staying at one of her flats with guides for the usual sightseeing as well as a memorable trip into the desert. Everything was arranged, everything was perfect (she and her husband even met us when we flew into Aswan – they had to drive 4 h each way to do so – with a bottle of champagne). I cannot recommend Jane highly enough. You have my personal guarantee that you will not be disappointed by her arrangements or her personnel, they are all first rate and authentic. And her prices are very reasonable. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want further details. Peter Chapman

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Welcome Ma'at Tours to Flats in Luxor

Ma'at Tours are friends of ours for a long while having the same ethos about helping the people of Luxor. They organise tours to Egypt from Australia and have always used the Mena Palace Hotel. Sadly this quaint hotel is being demolished part of the Luxor 'improvements' so they were looking for a new home and selected Flats in Luxor. We are delighted to welcome this group and hope for a long and happy relationship.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

:: Luxor Caravaserai ::

:: Luxor Caravaserai ::

Remember me blogging about a new shop by Medinet Habu, well they have a website now. They are also support local women with their handicrafts as well as the charity the Small Pyramid.

Another Xmas 2009 for Flats in Luxor

This is amusing me no end. I have never had Xmas bookings early than about September and now I have three. Well Flats in luxor is the nicest Xmas place to stay, plenty of room, plenty of fun, plenty of frolic and a real family atmosphere.

But book early ROFL

Monday, January 12, 2009

Flats in Luxor - Official Home of the Menna TT69 Tomb Project

We are very excited at Flats in Luxor; our first archaeological team is staying at the flats. I am hoping like mad to get to have a chat with them about their work. Melinda Hartwig is leading the team and they are working at the tomb of Menna TT69. They will be staying at Flats in Luxor for 6 weeks at our Goubli building. So now we are Official Home of the Menna Team

With 2 bathrooms and three bedrooms, swimming pool and in-house restaurant this is a great location for group bookings. Not only dig teams but tourist groups book one or more flats. Flats in Luxor are also used by other companies offering Egyptian holidays.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

International Luxor

Dear Valued Guest.

Please excuse any mistakes in this translation as I used an online translator I am hoping to get my website translated soon.

I wanted to let you know about the holidays we offer in Egypt. Although we are only small we care about our guests and welcome visitors from all over the world. Please look at our website if you would like to see a more individual and independent view of Egypt especially Luxor. Egypt has guides in many different languages and given enough notice we can arrange this for you. If you prefer to cook your own food then a holiday apartment or flat is the perfect way of staying in the country.


عزيزي الزائر.

يرجى عذر أي أخطاء في هذه الترجمة كما استخدمت الترجمة وأنا على أمل الحصول على موقعي المترجمة قريبا.

أردت أن نعلمك عن العطل نقدم في مصر. وإن كان صغيرا إلا أننا نهتم نرحب بضيوفنا والزوار من جميع أنحاء العالم. يرجى الإطلاع على موقع إذا كنت ترغب في رؤية مزيد من الفردية والمستقلة نظرا لمصر خاصة لمدينة الاقصر. يمكنك عرض عليه بلغتك باستخدام أداة الترجمة. وقد توجه مصر في العديد من لغات مختلفة ، وإعطاء مهلة كافية يمكن أن يرتب ذلك لك. إذا كنت تفضل ذلك لطهي الطعام الخاصة بك ثم عطلة شقة أو شقة هي الطريقة المثلى للبقاء في هذا البلد.

English » Russian
Ценные Уважаемый посетитель.

Прошу прощения любые ошибки в этом переводе, как я использовал онлайн переводчик я надеюсь получить перевод моей веб-сайте в ближайшее время.

Я хотел бы сообщить вам о праздниках, мы предлагаем в Египте. Хотя мы только небольшие Мы заботимся о наших гостях и приветствовать посетителей со всего мира. Посмотрите, пожалуйста, на нашем сайте Если вы хотели бы видеть более индивидуальной и независимой мнению Египта особенно Луксор. Вы можете просмотреть его на своем родном языке, используя инструмент перевода. Египет гиды на разных языках и с учетом достаточно уведомления мы можем это организовать для Вас. Если вы хотите приготовить ваши продукты затем праздник квартиры или квартиры это идеальный способ остаться в стране.

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我 希望让您了解我们提供的假期在埃及。虽然我们只是小我们关心我们的客人,并欢迎游客来自世界各地。请看看我们的网站 www.flatsinluxor.com如果您想看到更多的个人和独立的意见,特别是埃及卢克索。您可以在您自己的语言使用的翻译工具。埃及导游在许多 不同的语言和给予足够的通知,我们可以安排您进行此动作。如果您希望在您自己的食物煮熟然后假日公寓或持平的最佳方式是留在该国。

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Gelieve excuus eventuele fouten in deze vertaling als gebruikte ik een online vertaler Ik hoop voor mijn website vertaald binnenkort.

Ik wil u informeren over de vakanties die wij aanbieden in Egypte. Hoewel we slechts kleine we om onze gasten welkom en bezoekers van over de hele wereld. Kijk op onze website als u wil graag een meer individuele en onafhankelijke oordeel van Egypte vooral Luxor. U kunt het in je eigen taal met behulp van een vertaling tool. Egypte heeft gidsen in verschillende talen en voldoende mededeling we kunnen regelen voor je. Als u liever uw eigen eten koken vervolgens een vakantie appartement of flat is de perfecte manier van verblijven in het land.

Cher visiteur.

S'il vous plaît excuser les erreurs dans cette traduction que j'ai utilisé un traducteur en ligne je suis l'espoir d'obtenir plus rapidement mon site Internet.

Je tenais à vous informer sur les vacances que nous offrons à l'Egypte. Bien que nous ne sommes que de petits, nous nous soucions de nos clients et d'accueillir des visiteurs de partout dans le monde. S'il vous plaît consulter notre site Web si vous voulez voir un individu et indépendante de l'Égypte en particulier Louxor. Vous pouvez le visualiser dans votre propre langue au moyen d'un outil de traduction. L'Égypte a des guides en plusieurs langues et de suffisamment de préavis, nous pouvons organiser pour vous. Si vous préférez faire cuire votre propre nourriture, un appartement de vacances ou un appartement est le moyen idéal de rester dans le pays.

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Bitte entschuldigen Sie einen Fehler in dieser Übersetzung habe ich eine Online-Übersetzer Ich hoffe auf meine Website bald übersetzt.

Ich wollte Sie wissen lassen, über die Ferien bieten wir in Ägypten. Obwohl wir nur kleine wir kümmern uns um unsere Gäste und Besucher aus der ganzen Welt. Bitte schauen Sie auf unserer Website, wenn man möchte, um zu sehen, eine individuelle und unabhängige Sichtweise von Ägypten vor allem Luxor. Sie können es in Ihrer eigenen Sprache mit einer Übersetzung Werkzeug. Ägypten hat Führer in vielen verschiedenen Sprachen und genügend Hinweise, die wir organisieren das für Sie. Wenn Sie es vorziehen, Ihr eigenes Essen kochen dann eine Ferienwohnung oder Wohnung ist die perfekte Art und Weise der Aufenthalt in dem Land.

प्रिय आगंतुक लिए बहुमूल्य है.

के रूप में मैं एक ऑनलाइन अनुवादक उपयोग कृपया इस अनुवाद में कोई गलती बहाना मैं जल्द ही अनुवाद मेरी वेबसाइट पाने के लिए उम्मीद कर रहा हूँ.

मैं तुम्हें हम मिस्र में की पेशकश की छुट्टियों के बारे में बताना चाहता था. यद्यपि हम ही हम दुनिया भर से अपने मेहमानों का स्वागत करते हैं और दर्शकों के बारे में ध्यान छोटे हैं. यदि आप विशेष रूप से लक्सर मिस्र की एक और अधिक व्यक्तिगत और स्वतंत्र दृश्य को देखने के लिए चाहेंगे कृपया हमारी वेबसाइट को देखो. आप अपनी भाषा में अनुवाद उपकरण का प्रयोग कर यह देख सकते हैं. मिस्र और कई अलग अलग भाषाओं में गाइड है हम आप के लिए यह व्यवस्था कर सकते हैं पर्याप्त सूचना दी. यदि आप तो एक छुट्टी मकान या फ्लैट देश में रहने का सही तरीका है अपना खुद का खाना पकाने के लिए प्राथमिकता देते हैं.

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Vi preghiamo di scusare eventuali errori in questa traduzione, come io ho usato un traduttore online spero di avere il mio sito web tradotto al più presto.

Volevo farvi conoscere la nostra offerta vacanze in Egitto. Anche se ci sono solo le piccole abbiamo cura dei nostri ospiti e di accoglienza visitatori provenienti da tutto il mondo. Si prega di visitare il nostro sito web se volete vedere una più individuale e indipendente, vista in particolare d'Egitto Luxor. Potete vederlo nella tua lingua utilizzando uno strumento di traduzione. L'Egitto ha guide in diverse lingue e dato abbastanza avviso possiamo organizzare per voi. Se si preferisce cucinare il proprio cibo poi un appartamento o appartamento è il modo migliore di soggiornare nel paese.



私 はあなたに提供し、エジプトでは、休日を知らせようと思いました。しかし私たちは、世界中のお客様や観光客を歓迎する気に小さい。特にエジプトのルクソー ル場合は、より個々の独立したビューをみせてください。 www.flatsinluxor.com弊社ホームページをご覧ください。自分自身の言語の翻訳ツールを使用して表示することができます。エジプト、多 くの異なる言語のガイドをしている私たちがこの通知を十分に配置することができます。休日の場合はアパートやフラットをその国での滞在方法ですが完璧に料 理を作って自分の方が好きだ。


Prezado visitante.

Desculpem eventuais erros nesta tradução como eu usei um tradutor online estou esperando chegar o meu site traduzido em breve.

Eu queria que você saiba sobre o que nós oferecemos férias no Egito. Embora estejamos apenas pequenos nos preocupamos com os nossos hóspedes e visitantes boas-vindas de todo o mundo. Por favor, olhe para o nosso site se você gostaria de ver uma visão mais individual e independente do Egito especialmente Luxor. Você pode vê-lo em seu próprio idioma usando uma ferramenta de tradução. Egito tem guias em diversas línguas e deu aviso suficiente nós podemos mandar isso para você. Se você prefere cozinhar sua própria comida, em seguida, um apartamento ou flat é a maneira perfeita de permanecer no país.


Estimado visitante.

(Ruego disculpen los errores en esta traducción, ya que he utilizado un traductor en línea Estoy esperando que mi sitio web sea traducído en breve.

Me gustaría darle a conocer las vacaciones que ofrecemos en Egipto. Aunque somos un grupo pequeño, cuidamos a nuestros huéspedes y recibimos visitantes de todo el mundo. Por favor, échele un vistazo a nuestra web si desea tener una visión más individual e independiente de Egipto, especialmente Luxor. En Egipto hay guías de muchos idiomas y nosotros podemos arreglarlo para usted. Si prefiere cocinar su propia comida, un apartamento es la manera perfecta de alojarse en el país.


Цінні Шановний відвідувач.

Прошу прощения будь-які помилки в цьому перекладі, як я використав онлайн перекладач я сподіваюся отримати переклад моєї веб-сайті найближчим часом.

Я хотів би повідомити вам про свята, ми пропонуємо в Єгипті. Хоча ми тільки невеликі Ми дбаємо про наших гостях і вітати відвідувачів з усього світу. Подивіться, будь ласка, на нашому сайті Якщо ви хотіли б бачити більш індивідуальною і незалежної думку Єгипту особливо Луксор. Ви можете переглянути його на своїй рідній мові, використовуючи інструмент перекладу. Єгипет гіди на різних мовах і з урахуванням досить повідомлення ми можемо це організувати для Вас. Якщо ви хочете приготувати ваші продукти потім свято квартири або квартири це ідеальний спосіб залишитися в країні.

Hyvä vieras

Haluan kertoa sinulle tarjoamistamme Egyptin lomista. Olemme pieni järjestäjä, mutta välitämme suuresti vieraistamme ja toivotamme vierailijat joka puolelta maailmaa tervetulleiksi. Ole hyvä ja tutustu sivuihimme osoitteessa mikäli haluat yksillöllistä ja riippumatonta näkemystä Egyptistä ja erityisesti Luxorista. Egyptistä löytyy kielitaitoisia oppaita ja kunhan annat meille tarpeeksi aikaa, järjestämme sinulle haluamaasi kieltä taitavan oppaan. Mikäli haluat valmistaa itse omat ruokasi on lomahuoneisto tai asunto sinulle täydellinen valinta.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

In Egypt, Living on a Farm -

In Egypt, Living on a Farm -

Great story about a lady I know of. I have had some of her guests come to my apartments and rave about her wonderful horses. Interesting comments about how foreigners can own land in Egypt

Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year at Flats in Luxor 2009

Flats in Luxor had a great New Year party. A few more than Xmas as we had 60 people. We went for a very Egyptian theme with all the food and entertainment being traditional Egyptian. While people ate an enormous buffet cooked by our chef Gamal traditional musicians played. The buffet was Lentil soup, various salads, vegetarian dishes, a whole roast sheep and items from the grill, finishing with fresh fruit and Egyptian pastries. Then the entertainment really started.

We had a Whirling Dervish who entranced the guests.

Especially when he went amongst them, the kids were mesmorised.

One of guests had a birthday so Gamal presented him with a birthday cake while I sang Happy Birthday in Arabic, my one accomplishment (the Arabic not the singing!!!!)

Our belly dancer was a great success with the kids who loved joining in.

The star of the evening, only 2 and see proud Dad looking on.

I am afraid the birthday boy was set up and had to wear his own costume and dance along.

The drummer and the dancer worked well together and look at the little apprentice learning the trade. The cutest little Nubian boy.

After some 6 acts we finished with Nubian dancers. This one was completely new to me, so colourful and many of our Egyptian guests joined the dancers.