Thursday, August 26, 2010

Survey reveals 7 out of 10 retired Britons abroad likely to stay | Mail Online

An interesting article about retiring abroad, Egypt and Luxor don't get a specific mention but knowing the ex-pats here I know they would all agree. The quality of life in Luxor is much higher than the UK as costs are much lower. Food stuff is about 1/10 of the UK and of course there are no massive heating costs. A very modest pension will keep you living like a pharaoh :) It makes a terrific difference to your day to wake up to sunshine and friendly village life.

Survey reveals 7 out of 10 retired Britons abroad likely to stay | Mail Online: "'Retiring abroad is still very much a popular choice and expats are happy with their chosen life paths.

It's encouraging to see that the majority of expats believe they made the right decision in retiring abroad and are living their chosen dream. It is enlightening that 92 per cent of expats chose not to retire to a designated expat community.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flats in Luxor recommended by A Place in the Sun

A great article about buying property in Luxor, Egypt and we are the only owner developers selected to appear in it. What a recommendation from A Place in the Sun, a highly respected UK TV program and magazine which advises people about where to buy overseas property as well the pitfalls and advantages. It was just a few weeks ago that the photographer came and he took a number of excellent photos of our buildings. It was our Goubli building that was selected for the front cover and I am even quoted in the magazine.

We have over 20 properties for sale ranging from one bedroom flats and villas to three bedroom flats and four bedroom villas. Buying direct from the property owners saves you so much money as there is no commission payable to agent but obviously you want to be reassured that the seller is reliable. As I said in the article, ask for references, reputable property developers like ourselves can supply these easily.

With year round sunshine, no massive heating bills and food costing 1/10 of the UK prices this is an ideal retirement area. Live like a pharaoh on a very modest pension. Alternatively Egypt is the ideal year round holiday destination, with Easy Jet starting flights in Nov for £121 return. Use it just for yourself or friends and family. Alternatively we will find you holiday rentals under the Flats in Luxor banner. No need to worry about finding clients, we do the advertising, arrange deposits and bookings, meet and greet the guest and finally arrange tours of local sites the Valley of Kings and Karnak temple for them.

All out buildings are located centrally so you won’t get any complaints about being isolated. In fact all our West Bank properties are within site of the temple of Queen Hatshepsut, can’t be better located than that.

Featured Apartments in Luxor - Nubian Villas

Nubian Villas
Over on the West Bank we have developed a small village of traditional one bedroom villas. No roads on the West Bank have names which makes life a bit more fun. However once you have been there once finding your way is no problem and we always offer a complementary pick up to all our guests.

This satellite map shows the location next do to our larger Goubli property. The satellite picture was taken in June 2009 before we finished the properties but at least you can see the foundations.
These villas are for sale, long term rental or holiday rental. There is plenty of availability for Christmas. Please contact us at for more details.

Staff on the premises 24/7 and they maintain the communal areas, provide security and will run errands or help with translation. Built in 2009 these are our most recent project and aimed at those guests looking for a more ecologically friendly and green holiday property. Traditional architecture and building methods were used on this development. Each villa consists of a one bedroom studio with a separate kitchen and bathroom.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Goubli from a hot air balloon

A guest just sent me this great photo taken on their hot air balloon trip. You can see both Goubli and the Villas.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sail the Nile for 160 Euros

Sail the Nile is pleased to offer a sailing cruise on a dahabeya for 160 Euros per person per night.....with no minimum passengers. In order to do this the cruises are on set days with set schedules. Saturday 4 night, Monday 4 nights, Wednesday 3 nights and Friday 3 nights.

Everything is included site visits, tickets, Egyptologists and all meals, please email for more details

Friday, August 06, 2010

Flats in Luxor - Al Gezera after refurbishment

After 7 years Al Gezera was looking a bit tired and needed a lick of paint. We had also found that having two bathrooms had proved very popular at Goubli. With the master bedroom being so big it was easy to put a shower room in. Mahmoud got the painters to make the outside of the building orange, after it had been cream and green for a long time. Everything looks really fresh and nice now.

So this is the lounge/dinning room and balcony.

Then the two twin bedrooms and the family bathroom.

Then the master bedroom and shower room

Lastly the kitchen

Thursday, August 05, 2010

EasyJet to start Gatwick flight to Luxor -

What a combination for a cheap holiday Easyjet and Flats in Luxor. EasyJet to start Gatwick flight to Luxor - "Services will depart Gatwick twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday, with passengers bound for the Valley of the Kings and Nile cruises.

At present, only charter carriers serve Luxor. Thomson, Thomas Cook and Monarch each fly once a week from Gatwick, while charters also operate from Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol.

EasyJet’s flights will raise capacity sharply.

Its pricing, leading in at £127.81 return including tax, is likely to take business from existing carriers on the route.

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