Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rough Guide to Egypt

I heard today that Flats in Luxor will be included in the new Rough Guide to Egypt. This makes us the only flats to be recommended by both the Lonely Planet and the Rough Guide. And after only 3 years of operating.

Remember Flats in Luxor have 3 blocks of flats, one on the East Bank near the Isis hotel and ideal for those that enjoy culture and nightlife in Luxor. One in rural West Bank about 2 miles from the ferry that will be opening in summer 2007 and of course the original Al Gezira flats on the edge of the village and 10 minutes walk from the ferry. Both our West Bank blocks of flats have swimming pools and other facilities.

Flats in Luxor is proud of it's international reputation and the high quality of its flats and their communal areas. This is reflected in their inclusion in both Rough Guide and Lonely Planet.

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