Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Flats in Luxor has listing on Trip Advisor

At last Trip Advisor has responded to my requests for an inclusion on their listings page. I am wanted to get on totally legitimately and not get round things by pretending I was a hotel and not flats. So after a lot of lobbying by myself and you my guests I have a listing.

Flats in Luxor Trip Advisor Listing

Now it is just about my flats so if you had a fantastic felucca holiday then if you want to add a review you must do an honest appraisal of the flats even if you were only there for a cup of tea after a tour (no harm in adding a btw we also did xyz with Jane and Mahmoud). Loads of you have done great reviews on the forums and if you added then to our listing I would be so grateful.

And thank you, all of you for all the lovely things you have said and please know it makes a terrific difference to our business.

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