Friday, December 26, 2008

Xmas Party 2008

We had a fabulous time on Christmas night, numbers were down on last year (the credit crunch is affecting bookings) so rather than giving our guests a low key time we combined with Nile Valley Hotel and took our guests there.

We had our own table right at the front. They laid on a fabulous spread salads, soup, barbecue grill, hot food and deserts. We even got presents of local pottery which was a lovely touch.

The belly dancer was excellent and really got everyone involved. Apparently she is American and she really knew her stuff. The little girls loved it as did the men lol. The local drummer and her did a bit together and were really playing to each other.

The whirling dervish got them involved as well. Great fun I do find that act amazing. If you looked at his feet they do not move from the spot.

The entertainment finished with a local band who could have done the back for the Egyptian Diva Umm Kulthum. I totally loved it, put in loads of requests and even gave them baksheesh and bought the CD. We have booked them for our New Years party.

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