Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year at Flats in Luxor 2009

Flats in Luxor had a great New Year party. A few more than Xmas as we had 60 people. We went for a very Egyptian theme with all the food and entertainment being traditional Egyptian. While people ate an enormous buffet cooked by our chef Gamal traditional musicians played. The buffet was Lentil soup, various salads, vegetarian dishes, a whole roast sheep and items from the grill, finishing with fresh fruit and Egyptian pastries. Then the entertainment really started.

We had a Whirling Dervish who entranced the guests.

Especially when he went amongst them, the kids were mesmorised.

One of guests had a birthday so Gamal presented him with a birthday cake while I sang Happy Birthday in Arabic, my one accomplishment (the Arabic not the singing!!!!)

Our belly dancer was a great success with the kids who loved joining in.

The star of the evening, only 2 and see proud Dad looking on.

I am afraid the birthday boy was set up and had to wear his own costume and dance along.

The drummer and the dancer worked well together and look at the little apprentice learning the trade. The cutest little Nubian boy.

After some 6 acts we finished with Nubian dancers. This one was completely new to me, so colourful and many of our Egyptian guests joined the dancers.

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