Sunday, February 08, 2009

A review of one of our sailing cruise by one of our guests

This guest did a big tour with us, including a sailing holiday on a Sandal ( a smaller boat than a dahabiyya). If you want to contact him for a reference I will give you his email address but don't want to put it on the net because of spam.
In October 2008 my wife turned 50. As a surprise for that memorable event I arranged a surprise trip to Egypt for the two of us. Neither of us had previously been to Egypt so making the arrangements was a challenge. I started by registering on the official Tourism Egypt site, which resulted in me being bombarded by e-mails with a wide variety of different options. I could not compare these so I used these as a basis for what I thought would be the ideal trip within Egypt. I got a wide variety of bids on this basis but I also got a message declining to bid from Jane Akshar, noting that what I proposed was too much and would strain the relationship between my wife and myself. Intrigued I communicated further with her and, as a result, she designed the dream trip for us, which consisted of 3 days in Cairo with hotel and guide and airport pick-up, 3 days on a Sandal (a private boat with 7 wonderful Egyptian men taking care of us), and then 3 days in Luxor staying at one of her flats with guides for the usual sightseeing as well as a memorable trip into the desert. Everything was arranged, everything was perfect (she and her husband even met us when we flew into Aswan – they had to drive 4 h each way to do so – with a bottle of champagne). I cannot recommend Jane highly enough. You have my personal guarantee that you will not be disappointed by her arrangements or her personnel, they are all first rate and authentic. And her prices are very reasonable. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want further details. Peter Chapman


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Your tours seem very nice.

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Peter, Could you give me the name of the Sandal boat rental person.
email me at

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