Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What is your opinion of Egypt as a tourist destination?

I am a member of LinkedIn which is a professional networking site. Most of my contacts are people from my past life as an IT consultant. Some are guests who have stayed here. I asked them for their opinions of Egypt as a tourist destination. It was very interesting to get the feedback. Interestingly the only ones concerned about safety were those that have never been here. Coming from Ealing, West London to my wonderful Luxor I have never felt so safe in all my life. Anyway these are people’s reactions.

“Egypt is magical, wonderful and amazing. Luxor Aswan and Abu Simbel will never bore you. Jane has a lovely setting with very, very nice apartments. My family and I enjoyed every minute there, especially with the nice breeze from the Nile. We took early day trips to the sites, and enjoyed calm evenings. In the afternoons we would shop; amazing artist there. The S3aedi (people of Upper Egypt) are so accommodating and we felt safe the entire time. Don’t expect New York City but do expect to experience a beautiful part of the most interesting history of the World”
“My perception of Egypt as a holiday destination? OK if you have friends there who you can rely on to show you the ropes (as I had).”
“As a holiday destination Egypt is definitely an excellent choice for value and friendliness.

Nothing is too much trouble for the Egyptian’s hospitable friendly and relaxing time is what you will get when you go to Egypt as well as lots of sunshine all year round.

Out of the whole of Egypt my most favourite place is definitely Luxor, this is what i studied in school the magic of the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens it was out of this world and as ever magical as I had thought it would be.

For me, a major concern about visiting Egypt would be hygiene and sanitation, so adding comments about the style and standard of toilet/bathing facilities in the apartments (better than a French hole-in-the-floor, I'd hope) and cleanliness might help allay fears for the first-time visitor to the Middle East.”

I like that one, yes we do have western style toilets in all tourist establishments

“Always sunny, rain free and interesting food. I was only thinking about doing something in Egypt this past weekend for the Christmas period or New Year.”

“I've been to Hurghada on the red sea & thought it was fabulous.

For me (even before I went) Egypt wa/is mysterious with lots to offer. There were 3 or 4 times on our private beach that we were the only ones there. The sea was crystal clear, the hotels spotless and the one excursion to the tombs was well planned & a great day out. I think it also offers value for money, hot weather, something different, not too far away which all adds up to something quite memorable.”

“Sun, desert and history!! Could do with some of that at the moment! Sounds like you have a lot of interesting activity on the go, from your FB posts.

You might want to pick up on concepts like peaceful, security, tranquillity etc if you're aiming at the affluent rather than hard-core adventurous.”

Actually Egypt has both, it depends on where you go felucca sailing boats and desert safaris for the adventurous and all the tourist destinations like Luxor for those wanting more less adventure

“I personally think Egypt has a great deal of mystery surrounding it (in a good way) and is an aspirational destination for many around the world. I know I myself have always wanted to take my family there. I think there are some hurdles of course and they are no to dissimilar from other international destinations. Air schedules into the country, access to information about how to get around and more importantly if you want an "Authentic" experience how to find a trustworthy accommodation source outside of franchise hotels.

There are a few outliers that in my opinion could certainly be show-stoppers for consumers going to that part of the world. The deluge of reports of violence in the area regardless if it’s in Egypt in the surrounding area. I know there is growing popularity of guided tours to the area which is one way to provide a better sense of security for travellers. I am not quite sure how to message the fact the Egypt itself is not a hotbed of trouble and that there is ample opportunity for a fulfilling, memorable holiday. I believe it may reside in getting significant feedback and testimonials from others that have taken a holiday there in the past and allowing potential holiday makers read those to get a better sense of real life experiences.”

Exactly!!, if you have been here you KNOW it is safe.

“I must need to confess to you that I never been outside India and hence I don’t have any idea about Egypt as a holiday destination. But I have lot of friends who been to Egypt and they say it been a great experience. Egypt is truly a great place to visit with and pyramids are your gateway to tourists. I would love to visit /Egypt one day but not sure cos financial limitations. I am also looking for a mortgage here and I am striving hard to get a loan to pay for it. I wish you all the best and luck in your venture.”

“I visit Sharm El Sheikh regularly and have an apartment there myself. Impression is, consistent warmth and sunshine, great if you love diving - it’s superb, good standard of accommodation, plenty of bars and restaurants at reasonable prices, friendly people, easy to get to.”

“Cheap, (not euro based) good all inclusive hols, sunny, downside potential terrorist attacks higher than normal.”

Now this is one from someone in the UK who has not been here. Actually the UK has had many more terrorist attacks that Egypt has.

“I might be a little biased since I've been fascinated with ancient Egyptian history as long as I can remember!

I perceive Egypt as an incredible opportunity to visit ancient historical sites. It has the air of a "trip of a lifetime" - most people react with interest if the topic comes up. Luxor was particularly wonderful in that it has a more calm and relaxed atmosphere, but has plenty to see.

I felt reasonably safe (but then again we've lived for a bit in Iraq and Sri Lanka), but feel it is important to have reliable & knowledgeable guide(s) - such as you and your network - to take you around.”

“I'd love to visit Egypt but am fearful of going there as a destination being a young (ok I lie!) lone female... Escorted holidays are I think my only option. However, after I have been once, am sure I'd be in touch to rent out one of your apartments!”

Another one that actually needs to visit, I have loads of single ladies coming here; they have a great time and never feel worried.

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