Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Location, Location, Location

How nice of Google Earth, they have just released up dated satellite pictures of Egypt. So at last you can see where all out buildings are. You might want to select the actual image to see it properly.

When selecting accommodation in Luxor you want to make sure where you are in relationship to central Luxor and the sites. You want to be in the centre of things not miles out like and needing a taxi when you want a loaf of bread, the bank or a visit to the sites. Egyptian Experience is a classic example of a poor location, over 9km from central Luxor.

The more popular hotels are in south Luxor, around the area of our East Bank building and this is where you will find a whole variety of restaurants and shops as well as banks. Central Luxor is situated around the railway station, our Al Gezera building is just across the Nile from there. The ferry goes from Luxor temple to Al Gezera village where our original flats are located. There are lots of Egyptian restaurants here; prices are much reduced from tourist town. All our other West Bank properties are with 1km of there and are within sight of the temple of Hatshepsut.

So here are close ups of all our buildings, first Al Gezera

This was the first building we built 7 years ago consisting of 4 three bedroom two bathroom flats and a penthouse. The pent house is sold and the owner is mostly resident but occasionally rents it. I live on the second floor and my spare bedroom is available for rent. The other 3 flats are available for sale or rent. We refurbished the entire building in June 2010, installing a second bathroom and painting it from top to toe. The flat names are Osirus, Isis, Horus and Ra is the penthouse. There is a swimming pool, pool table, garden and chef will deliver.

Next along the road is the Arabesque House; we bought this building and completely refurbished it. It has 2 two bedroom 1 three bedroom and a penthouse. Just along the road from Goubli residents can use the facilities there e.g. swimming pool, restaurant, Wi-Fi, library, washing machine. This building is decorated in an Arabic/Islamic style. The flat names are Nigma, Amar, Layla and Noor.

Next we have the villas, at the time of the satellite picture they were being built but you can at least see the foundations lol. They have their own special website the villa names are Manga, Limon, Tofa and Tine.
Next door is Goubli with 7 three bedroom two bathroom flats 2 have owners but only one is resident so 6 available for rent and 5 available for sale. This building has free Wi-Fi, restaurant, swimming pool, garden, library, washing machine and a resident’s lounge. The flat names are Maat, Mut, Hathor, Bast, Neith, Selket, and Sekhmet.

Lastly the East Bank building, that is in the heart of tourist town and great for those wanting more nightlife. This building consists of 3 three bedroom flats and 2 one bedroom. One flat is sold and the owner is in residence, another Shu, the owner keeps one bedroom locked so it is available as a two bedroom two bathroom. The other flats are Geb, Anubis and Seth.

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