Thursday, August 19, 2010

Featured Apartments in Luxor - Nubian Villas

Nubian Villas
Over on the West Bank we have developed a small village of traditional one bedroom villas. No roads on the West Bank have names which makes life a bit more fun. However once you have been there once finding your way is no problem and we always offer a complementary pick up to all our guests.

This satellite map shows the location next do to our larger Goubli property. The satellite picture was taken in June 2009 before we finished the properties but at least you can see the foundations.
These villas are for sale, long term rental or holiday rental. There is plenty of availability for Christmas. Please contact us at for more details.

Staff on the premises 24/7 and they maintain the communal areas, provide security and will run errands or help with translation. Built in 2009 these are our most recent project and aimed at those guests looking for a more ecologically friendly and green holiday property. Traditional architecture and building methods were used on this development. Each villa consists of a one bedroom studio with a separate kitchen and bathroom.

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