Sunday, December 05, 2010

Flats in Luxor and Gaddis Hotel

Flats in Luxor Group has accommodation both sides of the river but the majority is on the West Bank. As a consequence we have the greatest facilities there, including our two chefs Gamal and Mohammed. Guests staying at Goubli have these great cooks on site but at Al Gezera, the Villas and the Arabesque House deliveries are easily arranged.

Our guests staying on the East Bank have rather missed out on all this but now we have a great solution. The Gaddis Hotel, which is just a very short walk from the flats, has a great selection of English, Egyptian and International food, including a pork menu! Snacks, pizza and sandwiches are also available and Flats in Luxor is able to give you a 10% discount card.

The Gaddis Hotel also has Karaoke Nights every Saturday and Tuesday for 9pm until late. The Gaddis hotel is very famous in Luxor, not only because of Mr Gaddis is the Honorary British Consul but because of the fabulous photos taken by his father. These black and white studies are so atmospheric and evocative of the town, with both its recent and ancient history.

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