Saturday, January 22, 2011

East meets West – Split Holidays at Flats in Luxor

Finding it difficult to make up your mind which side of the river Nile to stay? Why not do both? Flats in Luxor has flats both sides of the river and offer special deals on split holidays. Free transfers and only a 2 day minimum both sides means you can have your cake and eat it. Check our website and book your selected flats quoting SPLIT2011

Our East Bank flats are situated on the same side of the river as Karnak and Luxor temples and down a quiet street in the heart of tourist town.

Enjoy the bustle and shopping on the East Bank and come back to your space in our roomy flats.

Then transfer over to the West Bank for the other 21 historical sites, camel and donkey rides and our restaurant

You flat has views of Hatshepsut's temple the the mountains which are floodlit at night.

Enjoy the delights of our West bank pool

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