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Flats in Luxor (Luxor, Egypt) - Condominium Reviews - TripAdvisor

A great review from some guests who came post revolution.

Flats in Luxor (Luxor, Egypt) - Condominium Reviews - TripAdvisor: "Flats in Luxor Sail the Nile
A few years ago we visited Cairo and decided that one day we must do the other Egypt thing and sail down the Nile, see the tombs etc. I was all for going on one of those big cruise ships to avoid all the hassle sort of stuff that a more independent holiday can entail. But knowing that 'im indoors hates that sort of organised venture I agreed that it might be a good idea to organise our own little adventure with some help. After much deliberation 'im indoors found a website that had flats and boats He was very taken with the idea of some boats called dahabiyas which sail down the Nile.All this can be arranged for you and much, much more
In November all was booked and we were raring to go at the end of March. Then the revolution.... A few nail biting weeks were got through, we really didn’t want to cancel the holiday or indeed have it cancelled for us. Our flight was cancelled but we managed to get booked onto a flight that was leaving two days after the original one so we only missed two days of our holiday.
. We were met at the airport by Jane Aksha,(Co-owner of flats in Luxor).We were staying in one of their flats in Al Gezeera on the West bank of the Nile. The flats are about a ten minute walk to the ferry, and the ferry takes you to the other side of Luxor very near to the Luxor Temple.
The flat that we stayed in was huge and clean and nothing was too much trouble, if you wanted to eat in the flat it was quickly organised and the food was very good. The wonderful general help about the place Mohamed would even go to the shop for you if you didn't want to go yourself.
Jane was very informative and would organise trips and taxis recommending places to visit. Places to eat.
Jane had organised a trip to Aswan in a dahabiya for us.(They are also part of ‘Sail the Nile’. )There were supposed to be another seven people going on the boat to Aswan but they had cancelled so lucky us we had the boat to ourselves and the crew. The crew were a lovely bunch. Poor ‘im indoors wasn’t feeling too good, but they were lovely with him and did their best to make him comfortable. The boat trip was great we were really lucky and had lots of sailing. It was so peaceful and calm. Abdullah the guide was brilliant, very knowledgeable he had lots of funny stories. It was great seeing some of the sights and tombs that the big cruise ships don’t go to.
All in all we had a wonderful trip. So thank you Jane and your lovely co-workers.
Sandy and Brian

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