Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hidden Luxor e-book, video lectures and now a holiday

With the launch of her study tour of Luxor, Egypt, Jane Akshar has completed her Hidden Luxor trio.

Jane explains
“Luxor is so often offered as a day trip or at best three days and yet there is so much here that people just don’t get a chance to see. Leaving aside local trips like camels and donkeys or fishing and sailing, there are 24 ticketed sites in Luxor, how can you do that in a day. I want to introduce people to Hidden Luxor.”

Her offerings are quite varied, an e-book guide, a series of lectures about the sites & the history and finally a week long study course. Her credentials are impeccable, a lifelong love of all things Egyptological, studying Egyptology with Manchester University, a resident of Luxor for 8 years and a visitor for 32 years she knows what she is talking about. She loves her adoptive homeland and wants to benefit the locals.

Although she conducts the lectures, the site visitors are done with local guides, reflecting her commitment to providing employment to local residents. All the revenue supports her tourism business during the downturn post revolution.

• Hidden Luxor the e-book guide to the various sites in Luxor
• Hidden Luxor the video series, is a set of lectures about the sites with historical background and latest excavation knowledge.
• Hidden Luxor the holiday is a week long Egyptology Extravaganza of daily lectures and sites visit.

They all on the website

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