Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Finessing The Art Of Market Haggling | Fox News

So pleased with this artillery by Fox News about bargaining.

Finessing The Art Of Market Haggling | Fox News: Jane Akshar co-owner of Flats in Luxor Group lives in Egypt and advises Westerners on how to shop. She says knowing a little of the language goes a long way and displaying a good sense of humor is the ultimate price charmer. “The most useful phrase is ‘fil mish mish’ which literally means ‘when the apricots bloom,’” says Akshar of the Arabic phrase. “It is like saying ‘you haven’t got a snowballs chance in hell.’ This is a colloquial saying and immediately identifies you as someone in-the-know.”

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Thutmose said...

Congratulations on the exposure in the US. :)