Monday, December 26, 2011

Flats in Luxor - Jane Akshar - Review of Flats in Luxor, Luxor, Egypt - TripAdvisor

Great Review on Trip Advisor. BTW They have changed the rules for owners of businesses and you have to enter a credit card to prove who you are. Flats in Luxor - Jane Akshar - Review of Flats in Luxor, Luxor, Egypt - TripAdvisor: We travelled to Luxor in June, shortly after Egypt’s Arab Spring revolution and stayed one week with Flats in Luxor. We opted for the Al Gezera (West Bank) self-catering apartments for the views over the Theban Hills. At 5am we’d watch balloons sailing over the Hills and in the evening watch the red sun setting behind the Hills, which were then lit up overnight.

The apartments are spacious and comfortable with air conditioned bedrooms and comfortable beds. We always slept well. The summer heat is extreme and can go as high as the 50 degree mark, making a dip in the pool welcome. There’s also a jacuzzi and a roof terrace with pool table, plus 24 hour security. If you’re not eating out that day, it’s easy to order meals. We had several tasty and generously portioned Egyptian meals brought to us from the Goubli restaurant that were set up in the apartment for us.

Jane, her family and Staff are also very accessible and friendly. This makes it easy to book trips; ask anything you want to ask, or have fetched anything you want fetching. For example, we were grateful for the boxes of water brought to us from the village, which we’d have struggled to manage ourselves. If you do want to go into the village, the shop keepers are pleasant and we bought things like fruit and juice without any problems. The village comes alive at night (when it’s coolest) and though it’s safe to walk about, conservative clothing is best.

We booked all our trips through Jane and considered this well worth it. We had the use of a comfortable, air conditioned car with driver and we could go at our own pace and we felt safe with the people who were taking us about Luxor. Also, we felt that our tour guide was a cut above the rest as his knowledge and interest in Ancient Egypt is extensive. This was especially noticeable when we had the chance to listen in to some of the hotel tours doing the rounds, which were variable to say the least.

We experienced a range of tomb and monument tours and excursions, organised through Jane, and the quality and enjoyment was always there. We were never let down and our holiday was truly enjoyable. Particularly notable was our trek up the Theban Hills on a donkey, which I’d recommend as the experience and the views across Hatchepsut’s Temple and the Valleys of the Kings and Queens are stunning, but I’d soaked up far too much sun to fully appreciate the traditional Egyptian breakfast at Ibrahim’s (which is well worth it, especially for the cultural experience).

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