Tuesday, March 06, 2012

An update on Kent Weeks library

An update on Kent’s library, it is sort of open now with limited stock and you should contact Ahmed Hassan for opening hours etc. I have his phone number which I can email you. The provisional opening hours are late afternoon early evening.

The Getty Institute, Unesco and the World Heritage Fund are all getting involved and will be donating books, old publications etc.

Kent is buying a number of Arabic language books on archaeology and conservation, on health care prenatal and maternal heath. He is hoping that locals will use it and educate themselves. It is aimed at locals and although that is mainly Egyptians it does include ex pats living here as well

Donations are welcome and one resident has already donate a number of books which Kent was glad to accept. He wants to populate it with anything and everything from English fiction to Arabic academic works and everything in-between.

His right hand man Ahmed is the guy to contact about donations, visiting and opening hours.

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