Tuesday, January 17, 2017

#Robinsons #Squash'd - making drinking water fun

The weather has just turned the cusp of cold winter nights and the warm weather is coming. One of the challenges of a holiday in Luxor is drinking enough water. Summer is especially hot and it can be hard. Warm mineral water is not easy to drink. Here are two tips.

1) If you have a fridge put a bottle of water in the freezer compartment. Cold water tastes better

2) Buy some fruit squash. Now obviously bringing a huge bottle is a tad heavy with limited luggage allowance but there are alternatives. I had one set of guests bring fruit crystals. A very recent set brought this fab little bottle, they left it with me to use up and over 2 weeks of continual use, 3-4 glasses a day I still havent finished it. Robinsons Squash'd  is 66ml and a tiny little bottle. (There may be other manufacturers who do something similar). It is perfect for any hot holiday when you need to add something to a bottle of mineral water.

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