Saturday, September 09, 2006

Typical Tour

We recently did this tour for a set of guests and if you are looking for ideas it may help you. Expect to pay $1000 USD per person excluding international airfares. This is for a private guided trip with all tickets, transport, transfers and accommodation. Accommodation in Cairo and Aswan is in 3 star hotels personally chosen by us and in Luxor at one of our flats.

Day 1 Giza Pyramids and Museum Overnight Cairo

Day 2 Sakkara and Memphis and Dashur Overnight Cairo

Day 3 Old and Islamic Cairo, Bazaars Sleeper Train to Luxor

Day 4 Donkey Ride over the Ridge and Karnak Sound and Light Overnight Luxor

Day 5 Karnak and Luxor Temples, Felucca sunset Cruise Overnight Luxor

Day 6 Valley of Kings, Temple of Hatshepsut and Nobles tombs, Camel Ride Overnight Luxor

Day 7 Workman's Village, Medinet Habu and Ramasseum, Overnight Luxor

Day 8 Valley of Queens, Ramose and Merenptah temple Overnight Luxor

Day 9 Road transfer to Aswan: Edfu, Ko Ombo, Philae, Unfinished Obelisk and High Dam Overnight Aswan

Day 10 Abu Simbel, Shopping Sleeper Train to Cairo

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