Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Archaeological Diggings recommends Flats in Luxor

The following review of my News blog and our tours appeared the the Aug/Sep 06 issue of Archaeological Diggings which is published in Australia.


"I have always wondered whether the acronym BLOG meant B----- Lot Of Garbage as most of the BLOGS I have read seem to read that way. However, not this one.

Naturally, it is about ancient Egypt. If you want to find links to the latest news going about tombs, monuments and artefacts, go to Jane Akshar's Luxor news at http://touregypt.net/teblog/luxornews/. She celebrated one year of blogging on 3rd June.

Jane is an English woman married to an Egyptian. She runs holiday lettings and conducts small, intimate tours around the Luxor archaeological sites, including the cemeteries and tombs of the west bank. Touring with Jane is great fun as I know from personal experience this year. Jane has contacts in all the right quarters, so if anybody knows Egyptian antiquities news, she does. MC "

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