Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Quiet Tour

We have been offering the 'Quiet Tour' for some years now and it is consistently popular. The aim is to show you 3 sites where you are the only tourist. Of course this can not be guaranteed but even if there is someone else there there certainly won't be crowds. We generally take you to a royal tomb, nobles tombs and a temple.

There are actually quite a few choices of what site to visit and we generally make the selection after meeting you, finding out what interests you and where you have been before. My favourite combination is the Tomb of Ay in the western Valley of the Valley of Kings. the Nobles tombs of Roy and Shu Roy and the memorial temple the Ramses II, the Ramasseum.

This tour is also very good for kids as they find crowds overwhelm them and they can enjoy what is front of them with no grown ups to block the view.

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