Monday, April 09, 2007

Self catering in Luxor, Egypt

Although our flats are self catering we find that a lot of guests do little cooking. With restaurants being so cheap and so many within walking distance, many guests eat out. But what can you cook if you do decide to take advantage and cook in your self catering apartment.

Breakfast can consist of cereals with milk but be warned Egyptians have a very sweet tooth so local cereals are highly sweetened and may not be to your taste. If you are used to a high fibre breakfast then bringing a packet of your favourite might be a good idea. Other breakfast options are local fruit (all organic and seasonal), yogurt, eggs, bread, cheese, freshly juices and of course instant coffee and tea. Real coffee is often Turkish style so again if you like filter coffee you may wish to bring this.

Lunch can consist of light snacks and sandwiches. Tuna, cheese, luncheon meat(beef), sardines, corned beef are all available as sandwich fillings. Bread is fresh and baked locally. You can make many pasta dishes with fresh vegetables and frozen mince. Vegetables are truly tasty and again seasonal.

Want to cook meat for dinner then you can buy beef and chicken easily. The more squeamish might prefer to get frozen chicken as the fresh is really fresh. No that is not a pet shop, you choose your chicken and the girl kills, plucks and guts it for you. Meat is hacked off rather than jointed so great for stews but don't expect to get hold of joints. although I did have a guest who cooked a full roast beef dinner with Yorkshire puddings!!

Can't be bothered well most of the restaurants will do a take away and you can get a roast chicken for under £3 GBP with rice, salad and vegetables.

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