Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Video of Goubli flats and our new development - the Nubian village

I just recently had a disaster when my camera stopped working for no apparent reason. Of course out here in Luxor getting a repair is nigh on impossible. There are times I wished I lived in Cairo. But my husband has kindly swapped mobiles with me, his was all singing and dancing with video and camera and mine just took calls and messages so I have done rather well out of it. It is taking ages to learn how to use it. Today was my first time trying the video. I took some of our new development the Nubian village and several of the Goubli building and two of the flats.

Just a short clip showing the new village starting life

The first is the outside and reception, with Adham in a starring role. He is one of our staff and was busy cleanign when I arrived.

The next is a detailed shot of the Mut flat and the swimming pool

Lastly a short clip of the next door Neith flat as it is a mirror image but the view is different, the Theban Hills

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