Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Press Releases from Flats in Luxor

These are all the press releases we have issued so far.

Exotic Arabesque House
Multi Lingual Website for Flats in Luxor
1000 bookings
Flats in Luxor goes Green
New Tours from Flats in Luxor
Property sales from Flats in Luxor
Flats in Luxor and Sail the Nile Merge

I have used PRWeb for all these releases and found them excellent. Cost effective and they get results. In fact I actually wrote to them back in July 2008 after receiving a personal telelphone call from the MD with advice and helpful tips.

"Mario Bonilla exemplifies 7* customer service, caring not just about the big corporate but the little guy as well. I am a small operation in a third world country and he made me feel like the President of General Motors. I got an unsolicited telephone call giving me advice about my press release and another personal call when I emailed with an issue with the content of my release. The advice was pertinent to the size of my operation and my abilities. I really felt I had a friend at the end of the phone. When you consider I have only released 4 press releases (so far) you have to be impressed. Has he bought my customer loyalty, you betcha."

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