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Excellent Value and Yummy Food - Review of Flats in Luxor, Luxor, Egypt - TripAdvisor

Excellent Value and Yummy Food - Review of Flats in Luxor, Luxor, Egypt - TripAdvisor:

My family of four and my sister and her daughter stayed at the Selket apartment at Goubli Villa for six days in December 2014.

You couldn't beat the price for what you got - a large three bedroom flat with wrap-around balcony, a kitchen, a bathroom and a shower room. The views to the Theben hills were beautiful. Early in the morning you could see balloons gliding peacefully in the sky. One morning, the birds pecked on our windows to wake us up. We waited for them the next few days but they must be away on holidays.

One big advantage of staying at Goubli was the on-site dining. Every morning we had breakfasts packed for us (we left early for sightseeing). Every night, the staff brought multi-course meals to our flat. This was most convenient as after eight to nine hours of sightseeing, none of us was in the mood to go out to a restaurant. By having someone deliver dinner and cleanup afterwards, we could relax, shower, read, watch TV. No more waiting for food at a restaurant or lugging all the kids out at night. The food was delicious and very reasonably priced. The hygiene standard was western. We ate all the salads and no one got sick. This had to be one of the best things about staying at Goubli. We salute the three young men who worked tirelessly in and out of the kitchen every day.
The location is not convenient for walking or going to the East side, but you may spend only a day there anyway. Most of the sightseeings are on the west side and closer to the flat, and you don't have the hassle of going long distance to cross the bridge from the East. Besides, you get picked up by your guide and a van/taxi, as from any accommodation. So relative to other lodgings,

Goubli is very central!
Jane had arranged an excellent guide for us, Hussein. He was very knowledgeable and un-intrusive in his guiding. We hated to be rushed, and Hussein gave us as much time and space as we needed. A most patient man. One of the best guides anywhere.
We also had a walk with Mohamed in the hills near the German House. It was really fun and the kids saw some abandoned tombs with bats crawling around. During this walk Mohamed showed us rocks for making pigments, and my son picked up some for his art class at school. This was a real treat because it was like an hands on experience after his visit last summer to an exhibition about colors in art history at the National Gallery in London.

Jane is very charming and knowledgeable. Her husband Mahmoud will get things done and arranged if you ask him. They make a great team.
Our only reservation - longer shower curtains? Jane, Mahmoud, and your super team - Thanks for a wonderful stay.

Room Tip: Go for higher level rooms with views to the hills.

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