Monday, June 28, 2010

Buying Property in Luxor

When buying property, flats, apartments and villas, in Egypt it is important to buy from an owner with a proven track record who you have some kind of hold over. This gives you power in the business relationship and makes sure your investment is protected. With a strange legal system, in a language you cannot read or understand, you need this added protection. We are that owner. I have a public traceable record going back over 30 years, do have a look at my LinkedIn profile with recommendations for my business career going back to the 80’s, search on my name it is unique, well known and traceable, look at our business recommendations on Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, Rough Guide and Responsible Travel, and finally read the articles about us in the Boston Globe, Sunday Times and Daily Telegraph. Our business Flats in Luxor Group is registered and licensed in Egypt. We are owners you can trust, with a proven business record and an established business which we want to protect. You can buy with confidence from Jane Akshar and Mahmoud Jahlan

PS applies to long term rentals as well

Price List
Currently I have 20 flats and 6 villas for sale so plenty of options. Prices range from $50,000 USD with the three bedroom places starting at $150,000 USD. The Desert and Ezba villas would be projects with the owner deciding on design and finish so aren’t priced.

• East Bank
o One bedroom ground floor
o Three bedroom 2 bathroom first floor
• West Bank
o Arabesque house (access to Goubli facilities)
 Two bedroom ground floor
 Three bedroom first floor
 One bedroom penthouse
o Goubli (with swimming pool and restaurant)
 Three bedroom 2 bathroom (g, 1, 2, 3 floors)
 One bedroom penthouse (planned)
o Al Gezera (with swimming pool)
 Three bedroom 2 bathroom (1, 2, 3 floor)
• Villas
o One bedroom domed villas (access to Goubli facilities)
o Ezba villa partially complete
o Desert Villa partially complete

If there isn’t something in that little lot that takes your fancy I will be surprised. All these properties have proper papers and we would arrange transfer. We would be prepared to manage any property sold for 15% of gross rentals. I would love to take you round and let you have a look.

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