Monday, June 07, 2010

Villas in Luxor - Nubian Eco Village & Upside down Villa

The Nubian Eco Village with its one bedroom villas are not our only villas, we are also building an upside down villa out by Malkata. It is a delightful location, very cool. Mahmoud reckons the Pharaohs knew what they were doing building out there. It seems to pick up every breath of wind. This was my idea for once but Mahmoud was very taken with it. Put the bedrooms on the ground floor, the coolest part of the building and have the lounge upstairs to get the views. This is going to be a deluxe building, 4 bedrooms all ensuite, pool and a huge lounge. Although we will rent it initially, the idea is to sell it. A great family house in a great location.

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