Sunday, June 27, 2010

Floor plans of Flats in Luxor buildings

I have just had great fun using this web tool that draws floor plans. Check out the pictures, the are not perfect or to scale and the furniture is nothing like that but they give the general layout.

This is the original flats in Luxor at Al Gezera, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Al Gezera has 4 flats like this and all are for rent or sale.

this is Goubli a block of 7 three bedroom two bathroom flats, 5 are for sale and 6 are for rent.

The East Bank flats are 5 flats, 3 three bedroom two bathroom. There are also two one bedroom flats on the ground floor. One three bedroom is for sale and both one bedroom flats. You can also rent these flats as well as a two bedroom. The middle bedroom is locked off with the owners personal stuff in it.

Lastly the Arabesque below is the layout for the three bedroom and above the layout for the two bedroom. In this block there are 1 three bedroom, 2 two bedroom and a penthouse. All are for rent and 3 of the 4 are for sale.

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