Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cheap, cheap holidays to Egypt in 2013

How to get get a cheap holiday to Luxor, Egypt.

Flights to Hurghada are very cheap and you can arrange a mini bus transfer to Luxor for just £30 or $55 USD. Flats in Luxor are offering this very special transfer price for their clients.

Do you wear glasses, no not a crazy question. If you want a new pair, pescription sun glasses or spare pair of glasses you can get one in Luxor for £50, the difference in price can pay your airfare

Need your teeth fixed, yes again Luxor prices are hugely cheaper, about 1/10 of the UK and local dentists are excellent, many are European trained

The currency exchange rate is currently 10.5 to the English pound and 6.5 to the USD, great for visiting tourists

Loads of special offers on accommodation, ask for a discount, you will probably get one :)

Self catering apartments mean you can buy local food and save yourself hotel food bills

Egypt allows arriving tourists 4 bottles of spirits and you can buy these when you land so save money on your bar bills, drink your own

Staying on the west bank means you can visit the local attractions by bike or local taxi

So go Egypt for 2013.

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