Thursday, January 24, 2013

Visiting Abu Simbel - the options

Lake Nasser cruise, I think this is the best, to approach it over the water, to spend time there, watch the sound and light BUT it is expensive. This is my personal dream cruise

Flying, tricky for independents as all the flights appear to block booked by the tour companies

Road Travel, there are three variations:-
  • 90 minutes at the temple going and returning by the same convoy either 4am depart Aswan and 12:30 ish return to Aswan or 11am depart Aswan and return 19:30pm ish.
  • 8 hours at the temple go by the early convoy at 4am and return by the late convoy 8pm ish. You will def have to get a private driver to do this
  • 24 hours at the temple staying at an onsite hotel. First be warned even though these hotels are expensive they aren't that good. I have sent guests to stay at all of them over the years and they have been rated no better than "OK I suppose". You will also have to pay the driver 2 days of his time either enough for him to go back to Aswan after dropping you or for him to stay at the hotel.

Never rely on the train getting you there in time for a convoy, you have to stay overnight. Most hotels will do you a breakfast box to take with you.

Approximate convoy times

03:30am pick up from hotel
04:00 convoy departs Aswan
07:30 approx convoy arrives Abu Simbel
09:00 convoy departs Abu Simbel
12:30 approx arrive Aswan

10:30 pick up hotel
11:00 convoy departs Aswan
14:30 approx arrive Abu Simbel
16:00 convoy departs Abu Simbel
19:30 approx arrive Aswan

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