Thursday, January 17, 2013

Find Flats in Luxor on Google Earth

Finally Google Earth has updated its images so you can see all our buildings. Here is a general map showing everything including Jorf which is still being built.

This is a closer picture of the west bank flats
If you want to find us on Goggle here are the co-ordinates
Goubli 25°42'15.32" N  32°37'28.14" E
Nubian Village 25°42'17.42" N  32°37'27.83" E
Arabesque 25°42'28.50" N  32°37'28.00" E
Al Gezera 25°42'33.64" N  32°37'51.91" E
Tahrir Villa 25°42'45.74" N  32°35'49.95" E
East Bank 25°41'10.10" N  32°38'00.09" E
Jorf  25°41'19.13" N  32°37'08.83" E

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